zPanel ubuntu 12, risk issue

November 17, 2014 1.6k views

I’m trying to install zpanel on my fresh ubuntu 12 droplet using this comand
bash <(curl -Ss https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/Ubuntu-12_04/10_1_1.sh)
And nothing happen, nothing is downloaded, I installed zpanel many times few months ago on another droplets using the above command.
I read an article that Digital Ocean dont work with zpanel for security risks, i dont care it, my droplet is just for develop porpuse, please can any one helpme?

Thank you.

1 Answer

If you try to download the script using cURL with verbose output, you’ll see that the link is a 301 redirect to a different URL. The command:

curl -v https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/Ubuntu-12_04/10_1_1.sh


< HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
< Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 23:09:31 GMT
< Server: Apache
< Location: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/Ubuntu-12_04/10_1_1.sh

cURL does not follow redirects by default. So you can pass the -L flag so that it does:

bash <(curl -LSs https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/Ubuntu-12_04/10_1_1.sh)

Or you can just use the new link directly:

bash <(curl -Ss https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/Ubuntu-12_04/10_1_1.sh)
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