tutorial series

How To Configure a Linux Service to Start Automatically After a Crash or Reboot
  • By Sadequl Hussain

  • This series gives practical examples of and teaches the theory behind making your applications run like services. It explores the init systems of System V, Upstart, and systemd from the perspective of service startup.

    Published on August 19, 2015 · Updated on January 11, 2021

    This tutorial shows you how to configure system services to automatically restart after a crash or a server reboot. We cover the three most common init systems in this tutorial: System V, Upstart, and systemd.

    Published on September 4, 2015 · Updated on January 11, 2021

    In this second tutorial about starting Linux services automatically, we’ll take a step back and explain init processes in more detail. You should gain a good understanding of how they control a daemon’s start-up behavior. We’ll see how to do this from three different init systems: System V, Upstart, and systemd.