Cloud 66

  • DevOps Service Provider
  • PaaS

Cloud 66 is an ideal choice for (SM’s) startups and web development agencies looking to deploy and manage web applications on any cloud. We excel at container-based applications and microservices (Kubernetes and Docker), Ruby on Rails and JAMstack sites, providing high levels of automation, scalability, and reliability to ensure maximum uptime and performance. Our expertise in these areas, coupled with our complete toolkit for developers, makes us the perfect choice for any company seeking to streamline their DevOps processes and optimize their cloud infrastructure.

Everything you need to build, deploy and maintain your applications on DigitalOcean, without the headache of dealing with "server stuff". With the convenience of a PaaS, but on any cloud and in any region, Cloud 66 offers persistent storage, custom network configuration, zero downtime deployments, blue/green and canary releases, full databases support, replication & managed backups. With no team size limits and no extra charges per seat, Cloud 66 offers powerful access management, traffic control, firewalls, SSL certificate management, and more.

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Website: ttps:// United States

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Services we provide

  • CI/CD
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Database Dev/Management
  • DevOps
  • Kubernetes Deployment
  • Managed web/app hosting

Industries we specialize in

  • e-commerce
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Fintech

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