Diffco is a Silicon Valley-based development company specializing in providing businesses with teams of senior developers to drive their success in the market. With more than 15 years of experience in mobile, web, and AI development, we offer robust software solutions to help you launch, support and accelerate your business. Our team is focused on clear communication, reliability, and building long-term client relationships. As an award-winning agency, we deliver exceptional quality and value.

    We focus on the product and can cover the whole project creation, from ideation to a sophisticated technical implementation, with continuous development and support.

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    Website: https://diffco.usLocation: United States

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    Services we provide

    • Application Development
    • Blockchain Dev/Deployment
    • CI/CD
    • Cloud Infrastructure Management
    • Cloud Migration Services
    • Database Dev/Management
    • DevOps
    • Digital Transformation
    • e-commerce
    • Kubernetes Deployment
    • Managed web/app hosting
    • Software Development
    • Website Development
    • WordPress

    Industries we specialize in

    • e-commerce
    • Retail
    • Fintech
    • Gaming
    • Healthcare
    • Streaming

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