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Resmo offers cloud-native teams a comprehensive solution for continuous cyber asset visibility and security. By enabling SQL-based data queries across a range of Cloud and SaaS providers, Resmo empowers you to stay on top of changes. Through consolidation of users, vulnerabilities, repositories, and other key constructs, Resmo provides valuable insights through user-friendly dashboards and automates compliance checks for common frameworks like CIS benchmarks, alerting you to potential security vulnerabilities.

Resmo integrates with DigitalOcean to make sure your DigitalOcean environment is safe and compliant. Resmo offers Digital Ocean users to:\n-Collect your directory assets, like CDN endpoints, apps, firewalls, certificates, and more, on a single platform.\n-Query your DigitalOcean app, domain, domain records, Kubernetes clusters, and more using SQL and free text search.\n-Set up automated security rules to evaluate your DigitalOcean asset security posture.\n-Get real-time notifications of security rule violations to avoid vulnerabilities in time.

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  • Application Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
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  • e-commerce
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