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    TecoreLabs is your partner in simplifying complex tech frameworks. Experience seamless tech operations with our industry-leading cloud, data management, and digital services. With our extensive experience working with rapidly expanding companies, we are in a unique position to offer technical advice on how to best use DigitalOcean for application deployment, monitoring, and scalability.

    Application migration from on-premise to the cloud, including designing and deploying web applications and backend services in the form of containers on DigitalOcean’s managed Kubernetes\n\n\n\nLastly, companies that deal with large amounts of data are finding it increasingly challenging to move their data. In contrast, with our assistance, data migration is a breeze for them to handle. As we offer transferring databases to DigitalOcean and performing a cross-vendor database migration (example: Oracle to PostgreSql)

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    Website: https://tecorelabs.com/Location: India

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    Services we provide

    • Application Development
    • CI/CD
    • Cloud Infrastructure Management
    • Cloud Migration Services
    • Managed Databases
    • DevOps
    • Digital Transformation
    • Kafka
    • Kubernetes Deployment
    • Managed web/app hosting
    • Software Development

    Industries we specialize in

    • e-commerce
    • Retail
    • Fintech
    • Healthcare


    • Veteran/Indigenous - Person Owned

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