The ultimate guide to building a solid tech stack

A tech stack is a group of technologies that work together and allow you to build and maintain your application. Many components need to work together to get the results you want, both on the frontend and backend of the application.

Frontend development takes care of the things that the end-user sees and uses—tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Backend development is the development of services that support the frontend of your application. This can include anything from calculations, Data Science/ML Models, to database operations. Infrastructure, programming languages, and databases are all components of backend development, and there are many different platforms and frameworks to consider.

To build your tech stack, start with an evaluation of your business needs and goals and the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Initial choices while building your tech stack will influence the developers on your team, costs, and time to market. By carefully considering what your team needs from your tech stack, you can avoid troublesome changes in the future.

This guide includes sections on:

  • Servers and cloud computing
  • Operating systems
  • Programming languages
  • Databases and database management systems
  • Performance monitoring services
  • Standard tech stacks
  • Managed vs. self-managed tech

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