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We make it fast and easy for your development team to build your game on DigitalOcean with flexible compute options and low-bandwidth pricing that will allow you to scale your game as fast as you want.

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Why DigitalOcean?


Flexible Hosting Options

Experiment with a range of high-performance Droplet (virtual machines) plans to set up a powerful configuration for your game. Choose from our low-cost Standard Droplets – perfect for experimenting – or CPU-Optimized Droplets for games that demand fast, consistent performance. We also have General Purpose and Memory-Optimized Droplets (with maximum memory) should you have different needs.


Save on bandwidth costs

No matter the scope and scale of the supporting infrastructure for your game, we charge 10-20% less than other clouds for bandwidth. This can lead to significant savings as your game attracts more users.

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Build a low-latency game while saving on bandwidth costs

While your architecture may end up looking very different depending on the type of game you are building, we wanted to provide an example of what you can do using DigitalOcean.  


CPU-Optimized Droplets

Our CPU-Optimized Droplets are perfect for gaming configurations that demand fast, consistent performance from dedicated vCPUs.

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Pricing that scales with your game

Don't let complex bandwidth pricing distract you from building and growing your game

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For network-intensive applications – like gaming – bandwidth costs can be substantial, perhaps even making up a majority of your cloud computing costs. And since you’ll often see bandwidth costs phrased as pennies per GB, you might dismiss this cost as negligible. You’re liable to overlook bandwidth costs until your app has reached a consequential scale, when you suddenly find that all those pennies really add up.

We provide each virtual machine a bandwidth allotment, which is pooled with your other resources. After the cap is exceeded, we charge just $.01 per GB compared to the $.05 - $.12 per GB cost on other cloud providers. Our bandwidth pricing is uniform across data center regions and does not vary by slabs/tiers of bandwidth consumed. In comparison, bandwidth pricing across other cloud providers tends to be complex because they vary prices by data center region as well as the tiers of bandwidth transferred.

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Customers building their games on DigitalOcean

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open quoteWe adopted DigitalOcean's Managed Kubernetes to deploy one of our analytics systems. We chose DigitalOcean because of its developer-friendly dashboards, clear pricing schema, and excellent documentation. These things made it possible for Super Lucky to create a Kubernetes cluster, stateful deployments, load balancers and services in a matter of days instead of weeks. close quote

Alan Morales

Senior Software Engineer, Super Lucky

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open quoteGaming is such a digitally-based industry and there are so many companies that could benefit from DigitalOcean’s products across virtual private servers, database management and more.close quote

Phil Huggan

Founder, Hitmarker

open quoteI was genuinely delighted when I switched to DigitalOcean. When I started testing it I realized that it was in fact even easier to set up than on other clouds, which is huge as I still semi-manually manage the number of servers myself so as to not run up surprise costs. With other cloud providers, I experienced throttling that slowed down my game after barely an hour of starting it. I have never had that kind of problem with DigitalOcean. The bottom line is I can’t afford to run my game on other clouds without it slowing down after an hour. The combination of DigitalOcean’s compute options and price make it possible for me to build a fast and reliable game.close quote

Stan Flint

Indie Game Developer



DigitalOcean’s community tutorials, tech talks, product docs and blog posts help you quickly get started building your game. Here’s a small sample of the resources available.

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