Microservices architecture and microservices hosting on DigitalOcean

Microservices architecture is one of the most modern application development structures today–allowing teams to develop and release new features faster. At DigitalOcean, we have everything you need to run your microservices from powerful VMs, reliable Managed Kubernetes with 99.95% uptime SLA, PaaS code to deployment, Managed Redis, and an evolving Serverless.

Get the best processing power for your microservices

DigitalOcean offers the computing power and all the services you need to deploy and scale your application, whether you’re using microservices architecture, a monolithic architecture, or something in between.

Virtual Machines (VMs)

We offer a wide range of VMs, Droplets, that can handle basic to advanced microservices architectures. Scale with your demand without worry. Explore our low-cost Shared CPU Droplets to our performance-oriented Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets and many options in between.

Managed Kubernetes

Most microservices leverage the ephemeral nature of containerization–and you can too: easily and reliably scale up, down, or sideways with DigitalOcean. Harness the power of effortless Kubernetes to automate your infrastructure in clicks. Our Kubernetes experts are ready to help with fast migration for DigitalOcean Kubernetes customers.

Container Registry

Easily store and manage private container images for your microservices architecture. Our managed container registry was designed by and for developers. Rapidly deploy with DigitalOcean Kubernetes and our container registry.

Easy Serverless

Run your code without provisioning or managing servers yourself with DigitalOcean Functions, the serverless on-demand computing solution. Scale instantly with confidence while saving money on server maintenance.

Speed up your move to microservices

Whether it is scaling of resources, SSL management, multiple programming language support, service monitoring or integrated serverless functions, DigitalOcean App Platform can help you accelerate and simplify your journey to a microservices-based architecture.

How NitroPack improves site speeds for WordPress, WooCommerce, and OpenCart with DigitalOcean Kubernetes

NitroPack set up one cluster using a local environment for development featuring over 150 nodes. They use a microservices architecture that automates the delivery of over 120,000 sites with over five million pages—a drastic increase from the 15,000 sites they were servicing in 2020.

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Deploy a Droplet with Docker pre-configured in just one click

Docker is one of the most commonly used softwares for microservices architecture. We make it easy to deploy a virtual machine with Docker CE and Docker Compose pre-installed so you can hit the ground running with your hosting.

Highly scalable and secure data storage

Looking to add storage to your cloud infrastructure? DigitalOcean has got you covered.

Spaces (Object Storage)

DigitalOcean’s Spaces is our S3-compatible object storage product with all the advantages you’ll need for object storage, including a Content Delivery Network (CDN), built-in privacy and security options, inbound bandwidth for free, and more!

Managed Databases

Explore our many Managed Databases options including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis®. We make it easy for you to add and maintain a database for your microservices. Scale your database with your business and enjoy daily backup, automated failover, and end-to-end security for no added costs!

Easily build and orchestrate microservices on DigitalOcean

Get affordable, scalable, and reliable hosting and other services for your microservices architecture with DigitalOcean today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does DigitalOcean offer multiple services that make it easy to deploy microservices for my application? What other services are available?

DigitalOcean offers many separate services that support microservices architectures. Enjoy each service independently or together. Leverage DigitalOcean for your entire application’s service instances or just parts of your microservice architecture.

Relevant DigitalOcean services include:

Our products were designed to be able to support each service instance of your microservice architecture and can meet the needs of microservices architecture pattern best practices, such as:

  • Supporting multiple service instances (or a single service if that’s what you need)

  • Respecting service boundaries and service dependencies

  • Do nothing to inhibit how your services communicate

  • Running services generally

  • Following your business rules as it pertains to your chosen operating system, architectural style, and technology stack

  • Improved service discovery

  • Same data access across relevant services

We want to enhance the business capabilities of your entire application.

Can I use a container image for each service instance with Docker on DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean Droplets support Docker, which can be pre-installed and deployed on a VM in just one click! Learn more about our implementation details here.

Docker is an incredible software that can make managing each of your service instances (or a specific service instance) easier. With Docker, you can deploy your entire application with one or more containers thus making it easier to manage your services independently. Each service instance can have its own Docker container image thus reducing the risk of your overall microservice architecture and service dependencies.

Docker is a great tool for improving the business capability of each service instance in your microservice architecture. Container images allow for separating of services in your application architecture without getting in the way of complex interactions and processes running across multiple services.