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Remove complexities and move faster with these sessions from deploy

Posted: December 12, 20223 min read

At this year’s deploy conference, we explored practical ways global development teams can remove complexities in their infrastructure in order to move faster and focus their attention on what matters most—their businesses. Attendees gained insight from builders who shared how they’ve found ways to become more nimble, iterate more quickly, scale more reliably, and build better applications.

deploy kicked off with a keynote from DigitalOcean’s executive leaders as they looked back on 2022 and discussed the challenges global founders, developers, and builders face. We also heard from the DO Impact team as they announced a new round of grants in the opening keynote and interviewed nonprofits and social enterprises throughout the week.

If you weren’t able to attend, we’ve got you covered. You can find recordings of all the sessions on the deploy website. Check out some of the highlights:

Sessions for scaling startups and SMBs

In her session, Reducing Burnout while Building Your Business, Elissa O’Dell, founder ofHuxly.co, showed founders how to develop a personalized burnout avoidance strategy so they can build a sustainable business while fostering productivity and creativity.

Later, Mason Egger, Lead Developer Advocate at Gretel.ai taught us all about Synthetic Data in his session I Can’t Believe It’s Not Real Data! Unlocking Synthetic Datasets for SMBs. He highlights how access to reliable data is one of the biggest bottlenecks hindering development across multiple industries and how Synthetic Data can help developers get accurate, relevant data. He showed real-world situations where Synthetic Data removes bias, augments data sets, and makes once private data easily shareable while still protecting the privacy of the initial data set.

Justin Mitchel, Founder, Team CFE, explored different questions and considerations startups must make when deciding how to construct their applications in his session A Startup’s Guide to Application Architecture.

Finally, we heard from a panel of experts tackling Scaling in the Cloud During Uncertain Times. Jen Petraglia, Nonprofit Market Development, DigitalOcean, Tracy Kronzak, Director of Partnerships, Bonterra, and Kavita Kapoor, Executive Director, Code Berlin, discussed what we can do when building up an organization in uncertain times. They explain how to identify potential gaps in IT infrastructure and organization strategy and map out the best course of action for your business.

Inspiring stories from growing businesses

Battlesnake is a multiplayer programming game where your code is the controller. In their session, Powering Battlesnake Players on DigitalOcean, the team recapped their recent Fall tournament and how DigitalOcean enabled global players to prepare their snakes for battle, and in his session, Snake in the Grass! How Battlesnake’s Game Engine Scales on DigitalOcean’s App Platform, Rob O’DWyer, Senior Software Developer, Battlesnake, discusses how DigitalOcean’s App Platform made their transition to global game engine regions, which allows players everywhere to compete at a high level, easy, scalable, and affordable.

Tech in Schools Initiative, TSI, is a non-profit focusing on tech education. In their session, Making the Cloud a Less Scary Place with DigitalOcean, the team shared insights on how to recover quickly, create appropriate protocols, and continue expanding rapidly.

We hope to see you at the next conference! Visit the deploy website to watch content on demand. To stay in the loop with the latest event information, visit DigitalOcean’s community site.



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