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DigitalOcean and PureDome partner to deliver improved security against cyberattacks

Posted: June 10, 20242 min read

Securing organizations that embrace new technologies for innovation and growth is a significant challenge, which is only amplified by the evolving threat landscape and the increasing frequency of sophisticated cyberattacks.

To address this challenge, PureDome and DigitalOcean have joined forces to deliver improved endpoint security and cloud services. This partnership aims to simplify the digital transformation journey for startups, developers, and growing digital businesses by protecting their digital assets.

Advanced protection for PureDome and DigitalOcean customers

Puredome offers advanced protection at every step of their customers’ digital journey by integrating top-notch security expertise with DigitalOcean’s robust cloud services and infrastructure. PureDome’s objective is to provide customers with a sense of security from the beginning as they transition workloads to the cloud, enable digital innovation, and improve business growth and efficiency. Through this partnership, organizations can achieve a cloud-native experience without compromising on top-tier security. Benefits of the partnership include:

Global Reach

DigitalOcean’s global data centers enable PureDome’s security solutions to be deployed closer to end-users, reducing latency and enhancing the user experience for international clients.

Scalability and Flexibility

DigitalOcean’s cloud services offer robust scalability. PureDome’s customers can easily scale their security measures according to their business growth without concerns about infrastructure limitations.

Access to Advanced Technologies

DigitalOcean’s platform provides access to cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, managed databases, and AI/ML tools. PureDome can leverage these technologies to offer more advanced and integrated security solutions to its customers.

Enhanced Compliance

Combining PureDome’s security expertise with DigitalOcean’s compliance certifications can help customers meet strict regulatory requirements more easily.

User-Oriented Experience

By partnering with DigitalOcean, PureDome can leverage DigitalOcean’s user-friendly interfaces and documentation, making it easier for customers to implement and manage their security solutions. This reduces the learning curve and enables businesses to deploy robust security measures more quickly.

Increased Reliability

DigitalOcean’s has excellent reliability, with a 99.99% SLA for Droplets and Volumes, meaning that PureDome’s solutions will operate on a stable and dependable platform. This reliability is essential for businesses that require uninterrupted security operations and consistent performance.

PureDome and DigitalOcean are both excited about the potential of this partnership to bring enhanced security solutions to their customers. As Uzair Gadit, CEO at PureDome, said: “Our collaboration with DigitalOcean exemplifies our strategic partnership approach towards improving customer experiences. DigitalOcean stands out due to its mission-critical infrastructure, customer-centric value proposition, and alignment with our objectives. We see immense value in their offerings, particularly in addressing the pressing security concerns for SMEs. This strategic alliance reaffirms our commitment to addressing significant security challenges in the digital sphere.”

DigitalOcean VP of Partnerships Fer Oliveira also said, "Our partnership with PureDome reflects DigitalOcean’s commitment to empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions that address the complexities of modern cybersecurity. By combining our strengths, we’re not just mitigating risks but fostering a digital environment where innovation thrives securely."

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