Posted 2013-05-12 in community
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When we spoke with Avi Flombaum, Dean of the Flatiron School and organizer of one of the largest Rails meetups in the world, we immediately recognized that we shared the same passion and vision that continues to drive DigitalOcean. That passion and vision is educating individuals on how to build awesome things with code.

That is why DigitalOcean has become an official sponsor of the Flatiron School, a 12-week, full-time, intensive program, designed to give students the equivalent skill set and experience of an entry-level Ruby developer. After graduating, students are equipped with all the tools needed to build applications. Applicants to the Flatiron School are not required to have any programming experience to attend, just a strong desire to create and a whole lot of grit.

DigitalOcean will be offering every Flatiron School student a free Droplet as they learn, test, break, fix, and ship their code. This is an amazing opportunity to support our local developers in NYC and continue to help grow our thriving startup ecosystem.

To learn more about the Flatiron School and how you can apply click here.

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