Together we stand to support equality & justice in our community - Hub For Good update

Yancey Spruill

Posted: June 3, 20202 min read

As if our 2020 wasn’t challenging enough, we are now confronted by another crisis that we must address. We are all feeling a lot of pain, anger, frustration, sadness and yes, fear. Especially because, with respect to race relations in the U.S., the progress feels both significant and still not enough at the same time. Nobody needs to be told how to properly treat another human being, and that’s not going to happen here – clearly racism and the killing by police of George Floyd, among others, similarly over time, are unacceptable to us. We stand by all peaceful protesters of these senseless events, and we are anxious for justice to be served, properly and swiftly!

DigitalOcean’s values start with community and end with love. We are expanding our Hub for Good program to support nonprofits, projects, and startups that are actively fighting for a range of causes that include reducing inequalities, promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and productive employment for all.

When we initially launched Hub for Good in April, the program was designed to support relief efforts during the height of COVID-19. We are proud to have received over 1,000 applications to date, helped launch almost 600 projects, and have donated over $150,000 in infrastructure. Hub for Good started as a space where our community came together to build and share projects and resources with missions centered around COVID-19 relief efforts.

Now, we are broadening, indefinitely, our Hub for Good program to assist with other challenges our community is facing and, based on the extension, will commit up to $500,000 in infrastructure credits. We stand for equality and justice and want to donate our infrastructure to help our community build solutions to help the world better address both.

*June 5th Update: We are also excited to share that DigitalOcean is also making a $50,000 cash donation to the Hub For Good Fund, which supports organizations including: Per Scholas, NPower, Black Girls Code, SocialWorks, Dev Color, All Star Code, Blacks in Technology Foundation, and growing.*

We are proud to support those who are making a difference and inspiring even more action. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to uplift our community, bring us all closer together, and make the positive impact on our world that we need so urgently now.

We’re in the process of making these changes to the Hub for Good page. Stay tuned to learn more about these updates, and how to get involved and spread the word.

Stay strong and stay safe and, most importantly, stay focused on the good we all can do!


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