Posted 2022-05-20 in product-updates
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DigitalOcean is committed to meeting the needs of builders and small businesses. As part of that commitment, we launched DigitalOcean Teams in 2016, an enhancement that gave developers who discovered the need to collaborate on their personal accounts the ability to transfer their resources to a Teams account. Teams accounts offered basic roles for owners, members, and billers, and over the last five years, thousands of businesses have used this model to thrive on our platform. As builders continued to thrive, they asked for more. We listened. 

We’re excited to announce a major milestone in our efforts to simplify collaboration for developers, financial administrators, and other project leaders and business owners. Now, every account on DigitalOcean is a team, meaning owners who want to share control over server infrastructure can do so with just a few clicks, and projects and businesses that begin with a plan to collaborate can invite team members from the moment they sign up.

How it works

Since each person now has their own user profile and resources are housed in one or more teams, builders who start independently can work alone securely and then collaborate seamlessly if needed. Developers can also keep their user accounts and stay active in the community, even if they don’t have a current need to use DigitalOcean products. 

With a DigitalOcean Teams account, accounts with valid payment methods can make up to 15 teams, each team having an unlimited number of collaborators. Teams have three different roles: owners, billers, and members. Owners have full access to all resources, billing, and account settings. Billers have access to billing information, while the member role gives these individuals access to shared resources but not billing or account settings. 

Teams accounts feature a Team Contact Email that sends alerts and maintenance notices like deployment failures, resource alerts, and SSL renewal notices. To help keep accounts secure, Team Owners can require Team members to sign in with Google, GitHub, or a 2FA-protected DigitalOcean account.

Try it today

Teams can make life easier for many developers and organizations, including businesses, software consultants, schools, dev shops, and more that thrive on collaboration. Create a new Teams account today!

Melissa Anderson

Senior Product Manager, Product Design & UI Engineering

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