Posted 2014-09-30 in community
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By DigitalOcean

Fall is the time for pumpkin flavored everything, Octoberfest, and, if you're anywhere but a perpetually hot place, watching the leaves turn. And this year we are announcing a Hacktoberfest giveaway.

If you make 50 or more commits on any public GitHub repo in October, we'll send you a free limited edition DO Hacktoberfest T-shirt.

How do you claim your shirt? Keep hacking: commit to your current repo or start something new, and at the end of the month, if you've made over 50 commits, we'll have a form for you to confirm your stats. As there are tons of cool things that you can do with your commit history, we're depending on you to use the honor system.

Also, if you attend a hackathon this month and take a picture of any DigitalOcean swag (shirt on anyone, sticker on anyone's laptop), and tweet the pic at us with the hashtag #hacktoberfest, we'll make sure you get a shirt as well.

To keep you going, we're going to be posting about hackathons all around the world on our Twitter, so if you have any you'd like us to highlight, leave them in the comments.

Happy Hacking!

Update: The official Hacktoberfest site is now live. Sign up now for an email reminder or check back on Nov 1st.

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