Introducing a new data center in the San Francisco region: SFO3

Posted: May 12, 20201 min read

DigitalOcean runs data centers in eight global regions, hosting millions of Droplets that populate the internet with a myriad of applications and systems. We’re fortunate that our growth has created a good problem for us to have. We’ve started running low in data center capacity in the city that has, since 1849, been the destination of many diggers of gold, first physical and now virtual: San Francisco.

To ensure we can satisfy the demands of this unique region, we’re pleased to announce our new SFO3 data center.

SFO3 will expand our presence in North America with a modern data center, built with what we learned from our previous experiences across the globe. Within SFO3 you can run products such as our Droplet VMs and DigitalOcean Kubernetes. You can use our new VPC to set up multiple private networks for your applications, with each network isolated from the others.

If you’ve never had a chance to walk around a data center, or if you’re just curious, you might enjoy a quick glimpse behind the scenes of SFO3:

You can provision resources right now in SFO3; just pick it on the region selector as you’re spinning up.

Rafael Rosa, Senior Product Manager


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