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Introducing Storage-Optimized Droplets with NVMe SSDs and a new, lower price for Memory-Optimized Droplets

Posted: November 10, 20202 min read

You can DO just about anything you want with our Droplet virtual machines.

But we’ve heard some feedback: some of you would like VMs with faster, larger disks, and that price is always a consideration. That’s why we’re introducing Storage-Optimized Droplets with NVMe SSD storage and lowering prices for Memory-Optimized Droplets.

Storage-Optimized Droplets for extra-large databases, caches, and analytics workloads

We all spend so much time online these days, constantly generating data. To capture this data, some of you need to run large, high-performance NoSQL databases (like MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and TimeScaleDB), monitoring and analytics software (like Prometheus and Grafana), and other types of data warehouses.

Storage-Optimized Droplets are virtual machines that are great for these scenarios.

NVMe, which stands for non-volatile memory express, is an interface protocol specifically built for modern SSDs. It takes advantage of parallelism to deliver disk performance that can be an order of magnitude faster than our regular SSDs. Because storage is directly attached to the hypervisor (instead of being connected via network), these Droplets are ideal for workloads that require a high number of transactions with low latency. 

The 1X SSD configuration of Storage-Optimized Droplets features 150GB storage for each dedicated vCPU. The 1.5X SSD option gives you 225 GB per vCPU.

Our largest Storage-Optimized Droplet boasts 7 terabytes of storage capacity, along with 32 vCPUs, 256 GB RAM, and 10TB transfer.

These are the Storage-Optimized Droplets you can choose from:

Memory-Optimized Droplets: same specs, lower price

Just over a year ago, we introduced Memory-Optimized Droplets. We recommend these VMs for use cases such as in-memory caches and real-time big data processing. With 8GB RAM for each dedicated vCPU (along with regular SSD), Memory-Optimized Droplets give you plenty of RAM to run such memory-intensive applications.

Today we’re cutting prices for Memory-Optimized Droplets by roughly 11%.

You’ll see new prices in our control panel.

Get started today

You can spin up Storage-Optimized and Memory-Optimized Droplets as you can any other DigitalOcean virtual machine: through our developer-friendly control panel, CLI, API, and platform extensions like our Terraform provider. We invite businesses interested in utilizing our Droplets to contact us for a conversation.

Happy coding,
AJ Joshi, VP Product



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