Catch Us in Copenhagen for KubeCon EU


Posted: April 27, 20182 min read

UPDATE: Catch the talks, now embedded below!

Next week is KubeCon EU in Copenhagen, Denmark. We’re already drooling at the idea of diving into smørrebrød, perhaps near the famed Little Mermaid statue.

DigitalOcean will have two speakers and a booth at KubeCon EU:

On Wednesday, May 2, from 2:45 PM-3:20 PM, Matt Layher presents “How To Export Prometheus Metrics From Just About Anything.”

Prometheus exporters bridge the gap between Prometheus and systems which cannot export metrics in the Prometheus format. During this talk, you will learn how to gather metrics from a wide variety of data sources, including files, network services, hardware devices, and system calls to the Linux kernel. You will also learn how to build a reliable Prometheus exporter using the Go programming language. This talk is intended for developers who are interested in bridging the gap between Prometheus and other hardware or software.

Then, on Thursday, May 3, Andrew Kim speaks from 2:45PM-3:20PM on “Global Container Networks on Kubernetes at DigitalOcean.”

Building a container network that is reliable, fast and easy to operate has become increasingly important in DigitalOcean’s distributed systems running on Kubernetes. Today’s container networking technologies can be restrictive as Pod and Service IPs are not reachable externally which forces cluster administrators to operate load balancers. The addition of load balancers introduces new points of failure in a cluster and hinders observability since source IPs are either NAT’d or masqueraded.

This talk will be a deep dive of how DigitalOcean uses BGP, Anycast and a variety of open source technologies (kube-router, CNI, etc) to achieve a fast and reliable container network where Pod and Service IPs are reachable from anywhere on DigitalOcean’s global network. Design considerations for scalability, lessons learned in production and advanced use cases will also be discussed.

You can also catch us in Hall C, at booth number G-C06. We’ll be tending the booth, where we’ll be giving demos and answering questions:

  • Wednesday, May 2 from 10:30 AM-8:30 PM
  • Thursday, May 3 from 10:30 AM-5:30 PM, and
  • Friday, May 4 from 10:30 AM-4:00 PM

Vi snakkes ved!


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