Posted 2021-02-18 in community
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DigitalOcean has offered students the opportunity to build in the cloud through the GitHub Student Developer Pack since 2014. We are pleased to announce that we have increased our offering to **$100 worth of credits to use on the DigitalOcean platform for one calendar year**. This will support students in building, sharing, and collaborating on software projects as they spin up Droplets, learn about scaling infrastructure, or host their apps on DigitalOcean App Platform.

Since its inception, DigitalOcean has been committed to education, so students who are looking for learning resources are encouraged to join our Community, peruse our nearly 4,000 technical tutorials, download one of our free eBooks, or follow our Introduction to the Cloud self-guided course.

How to claim the offer as a student

If you are currently a student enrolled in a formal educational program, you can check to see if  you are eligible for, and then apply to the GitHub Student Developer Pack program. Once you do so, you will be able to claim your DigitalOcean offer, and can follow the instructions on our website, which will walk you through how to enter your promotional code upon signup. 

With $100 worth of credits over the course of a year, you can build a developer portfolio, host group projects, and get a hands-on understanding of cloud infrastructure. You’ll be deploying in no time!

Educators and teachers

If you are an educator or teacher, we are looking forward to connecting with you, too! We have several programs to support teachers, including our Spin Up program, our Workshop Kits that will support you in teaching, and our open-educational resources, including eBooks that can serve as free textbook replacements for your students.

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