Posted 2013-11-26 in communitynews
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By DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is proud to announce our official sponsorship of this year's annual Node Summit. Since the first Droplet was spun up, we have been dedicated to creating the ideal environment for developers. This is our little way of reinforcing our support for the Javascript community, and showing gratitude for what has been an integral part of our own success story.

The global and wide scale usage of Node.js in such a brief time span is a testament to its performance and scalability. With a thriving community consisting of some of the world's best developers, it's undeniable the impact this will have on the future of cloud hosting. As stated in a sponsored post produced by Node Summit, it is "virtually unheard of for the biggest names in the technology world to throw their support behind and put such a heavy reliance on something that has yet to reach version 1.0, but that is exactly what has happened with the adoption of Node.js."

DigitalOcean is actively seeking to sponsor more Javascript events and will be on site to answer any questions, as we continue to grow out our infrastructure to further support Node and Javascript. For some added fun, we will be giving away a free ticket to the event picked at random (just tweet @DigitalOcean I'd love to see you at #DONode), as well as $10,000 in hosting credit to this year's hackathon winner.

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