Posted 2014-07-10 in community
new sammy
Sammy avatar
By DigitalOcean

Today we're celebrating our 3rd year since becoming officially incorporated as a company in 2011. So much has happened since then. We went from a small 5 person team to a not-so-small 90 person company. Well actually, we went from a small 5 person team with a shark, to a not-so-small 90 person company… with a shark.

If you haven't yet met Sammy, he's a big help when talking with our community. He's there when we announce a new datacenter location, when we give thanks for all the love and support, and even when we're partying down at SXSW.

Now, after 3 years, 2 round raises, 2 million Droplets launched, and over 150,000 developers using our platform, Sammy feels a little more grown up.

So we asked for help from Simon Oxley – designer of graphics and muppet mascots, creator of the original Twitter bird and Github's Octocat – to give Sammy some special treatment. Now Sammy looks amazing and feels better than ever.

Without further ado, here's the new and improved Sammy The Shark:

Sammy Mural

Here is a closer look at the new Sammy:


Just because Sammy lives in the ocean doesn't mean he can't fly :)

Sammy Jetpack

Or float....

Sammy Balloon

What would Sammy look like if he was swimming towards you? #notallthatscary

Sammy Front

Now that's a good lookin' shark.

Sea floor left
Sea floor middle
Sea floor right