Posted 2012-03-28 in community
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At the same time that we were running our in-office #HACKweekend, was running their Spring 2012 Student Hackathon. Turns out it was a couple of blocks from our office, and Jeff snuck out between coding sessions to check it out.

The energy was amazing– a ton of great teams and developers just hacking away. On the spot we offered a sponsorship to the best team so that they could launch their hack on our cloud when it was finished. We also offered to provide each member of the winning team with free cloud hosting on DigitalOcean.

The winner was cLoudspeaker. The team composed of Xin Yang Yak, Eugene Lee, Alexander Zhao, and Kaushal Parikh put together an amazing hack that streamed music simultaneously from multiple devices creating a crowd sourced surround sound speaker system. The coolest part was they ran the demo live with a bunch of laptops from hackNY developers hooked up. It's great to see when technology begins to cross into the physical world.

We can't wait to see what else these great hackers put together in the future!

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