Start-Ups Decoded: A sneak peek into the success stories of high-growth startups

Mohan Ram

Posted: November 30, 20203 min read

Start-Ups Decoded is a fun and interactive talk show in partnership with Firstpost, aimed at sharing the journeys and experiences of entrepreneurs leading fast-growing tech startups. This video series profiles five interesting stories of customers who use DigitalOcean. The Tech Founders were interviewed by Tushar Burman, Editor of Technology at Firstpost, in which they share their startup journey, challenges and milestones, life lessons, and business secrets to help and inspire budding entrepreneurs to take the plunge into the world of startups.

Below, you can find a sneak peek of the series. The videos are available on DigitalOcean’s YouTube channel and you can find their individual links below. Happy viewing!

1. Building database driven apps made easier - In conversation with Rushabh Mehta, founder and CEO of Frappe

In today’s new world of automation, where apps are being published left and right, and we are all stuck in our homes, the digital world has come to our help! What if there was a framework that enabled easier creation of database-driven apps to make life easier for companies and startups? Tune in to listen to Rushabh Mehta, founder and CEO of Frappe, where he discusses  what powers ERPNext, a web framework written in Python, and JavaScript with Maria DB as the database.

2. Gaming is what makes regular things exciting - In conversation with Quodeck founder Arijit Lahiri

With Work-from-home ‘WFH’ becoming the norm, we’ve got some time to learn more and upskill. But how can digital learning be made more interesting? That’s where Quodeck comes in. It’s an enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) that gamifies the learning experience. Tune in to listen to Arijit Lahiri, the founder of Quodeck, as he takes us through how Quodeck  is changing the way learning happens through gamification.

3. Are you a smart trader? - In conversation with Marketpulse founders Amit Dhakad and Hiral Jain

Market Pulse is a reputed market analysis app that helps people survive, navigate, and make profits in financial markets on the go. If you are into the trading world, you will know that seconds have immense value, and split second decisions are inevitable. To stay ahead of the game, you need to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing beats of the market. Here is where Market Pulse comes in.

Watch the video to listen to Amit Dhakad (Co-founder, CEO & CTO) and Hiral Jain (Co-founder & CFO) on a ‘work from home’ style, as they share about how Market Pulse came to be!

MikeLegal is a cutting edge toolset enabling the legal community to be more efficient by becoming their reliable AI powered associate. If you are a part of the legal community, you know that there is practically zero room for error, and it’s either pinpoint accuracy or the case is lost. MikeLegal empowers you with all the info that you need; be it trademarks and patents as per the registry, or getting your legal research done in seconds instead of toiling for days. Listen to Anshul Gupta, co-founder of MikeLegal, as he takes us through MikeLegal’s journey.

5. Here’s how Datanet designs solutions for the gaming needs you might have!- In conversation with Datanet Founder and CEO Deepak Sharma

Datanet is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that builds and manages infrastructure for platforms that enable fantasy sports websites. They provide customers with customized solutions to host their website tagged along with an affordable price card. Watch the video to listen to Deepak Sharma, Founder and CEO of Datanet, talk through his entrepreneurial journey.


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