Posted 2013-12-12 in community
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Today is a special day for us, and we cannot thank you enough.

As you may have heard, Netcraft recently released a report that details the trajectory of DigitalOcean, finishing out the year as the world's fastest growing cloud hosting service. We are humbled by this milestone, and will continue to give back to the community that's brought us this far.

Netcraft states, "Our December 2013 Web Server Survey showed a month-on-month gain of 6,514 web-facing computers," adding "DigitalOcean is now the 15th largest hosting company in terms of web-facing computers– a remarkable feat considering DigitalOcean had only 280 web-facing computers at the start of this year."

To show our appreciation, we'll continue to invest heavily in adding datacenter capacity throughout the world, as well as roll out upvoted features in the community such as IPV6 and graphs to chart private networking usage for the new year.

It's the least we can do.

From the bottom of our hearts,

The DigitalOcean Team

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