Infrastructure Team

Improving efficiency and providing reliable infrastructure.

To enable internal teams to improve the efficiency and quality of their work, while providing reliable physical infrastructure for our products, introducing new technology, and staying ahead of the demand curve.

Network Infrastructure

Our mission

Our mission is to provide excellent connectivity to our customers to ensure their applications are reliable and performant. We do this by designing and operating DigitalOcean's global network infrastructure with scalability top of mind.

You can find our team working on:

  • Automating things related to OS installation, patching, and access

  • Working with product to ensure new services run as expected on our hardware

  • Assisting in the response to industry security notices or network abuse events

  • Updating monitoring systems to better catch and respond to problems

  • Responding to new automation needs from our 24x7 CloudOps team

  • Improving our asset management automation framework

  • Contributing to open source projects such as osquery and netbox

  • Defining what our hardware platforms might look like in the coming years

  • Testing in the lab to vet new candidate designs in support of new products

  • Working with vendors on current technical issues, futures, and optimizations

  • Partnering with the Systems team (hypervisor+kernel team) to help coordinate fleet-wide upgrades

  • Working to complete our around-the-world network backbone and connectivity improvements

  • Upgrading or replacing hardware that has lived a good life

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about building huge scale networks on the internet.

Data Center

Our mission

To ensure that all physical equipment has an electrical current flowing through it and that it can send and receive packets. We rack, stack, and wire every single piece of hardware that runs the cloud.

You can find our team working on:

  • Racking, stacking, wiring all over the world

  • Caring for the physical infrastructure

  • Troubleshooting, fixing, replacing, upgrading hardware components

  • Responding to onsite hardware emergencies

  • Aiding in the design of physical systems

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about creating tactical and strategic plans for maintaining our core infrastructure, our data centers.

In Data Center Operations (DCOPs), we are the caretakers of DO's foundation. Everything we do has a direct impact on our customers. Embracing that huge responsibility, we prioritize team building and skills growth. The result is a world class, agile group of Sharks thats puts customers first, and has fun doing it.
Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith

Data Center Engineer

Tools & Platform

Our mission

Tools & Platforms is at the heart of building the process, tools, and systems that empower DigitalOcean engineering teams to develop rapidly and deploy reliable and scalable products/services.

You can find our team working on:

  • Building and maintaining platforms such as our internal Kubernetes, DBaaS, CI/CD environment, DNS, Artifacts, Centralized logging, internal service/system metrics, and staging environments

  • Maintaining internal tools and libraries for empowering our engineering teams throughout the development lifecycle

  • Providing visibility into our services, deployments and infrastructure

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about supporting and lifting up their peers, making difficult things easier, and automating all the things.

The best part of coming to work every day is the challenge to learn, understand and improve how developers across the company get work done. On the Developer Productivity team, I have the opportunity to work on a huge array of technologies, alongside amazing teams, finding ways to improve how developers and operators work.
Eric Larson

Eric Larson

Senior Engineer

Supply Chain

Our mission

To build and maintain a diverse network of strategic suppliers in order to achieve business goals in a timely and cost effective way.

You can find our team working on:

  • Purchasing every single piece of equipment from whole servers down to custom PCI card brackets

  • Working with vendors and manufacturers to ensure fair pricing and timely delivery

  • Tracking the ever-changing location of our hardware assets

  • Arranging transport shipments to one of our many locations

  • Communicating with government and customs officials concerning import/export issues

  • Ensuring we have optimal stock inventory levels to support operations

What we look for:

Candidates who enjoy managing relationships and thrive on being at the heart of operations.

DigitalOcean is growing at a remarkable pace, and with growth comes different challenges in the Supply Chain/Procurement world. The knowledge, eagerness and willingness the team has to jump in and tackle these challenges head-on is both exciting and motivating. My teammates are always open to suggestions on how to improve and makes things more efficient, which is key to our success.
Khris Persaud

Khris Persaud

Senior Infrastructure Buyer

Capacity Planning

Our mission

To ensure that our customers, both internal and external, always have the physical capacity to support DigitalOcean products. We do this through forecasting resource requirements from servers to data center space globally.

You can find our team working on:

  • Monitoring resource consumption

  • Creating short-term and long-term forecasts

  • Running analysis to understand capacity drivers and project impacts

What we look for:

Candidates who are inquisitive and love solving complex problems using data with a sprinkle of magic.

Working at DO during such a pivotal time has been both exciting and challenging as we build out new strategies and processes to scale operations and foster growth. The Capacity team works to derive long-term forecasts and ensure resources are in place to support demands globally, as well as manage daily volatility within the data centers.
Anna Dinh

Anna Dinh

Capacity Analyst

Platform / Infra Engineering

Our mission

To manage server fleet up to the application layer. We advise on hardware processes from selection, specification and architecture, to bootstrapping and software maintenance. In addition, the team is responsible for for maintaining core services and applications including monitoring, config management and an infrastructure management system.

You can find our team working on:

  • Maintaining several specific core services that are used by infrastructure and around the company

  • Partnering with key users to support the design and implementation of our next generation monitoring system

  • Building a robust infrastructure management system, which involves understanding stakeholder needs, presenting data, and designing processes to support the needs of all teams at DO who require the use of Hardware servers

  • Ensuring all hardware processes from selection, specification, architecture, bootstrapping, and software maintenance are as efficient and seamless as possible

  • Improving tooling and efficiencies for other team and processes within Infrastructure

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about solving complex systems, storage, big data, and network problems using automation and software-defined solutions.

Cloud Operations

Our mission

To ensure maximum availability of the DigitalOcean suite of products and services. This involves day to day monitoring of the systems; carrying out incident management processes; performing fleet maintenance and operational requests; and administrative support efforts (process development, documentation, production readiness).

You can find our team working on:

  • Resolving customer escalations by offering general troubleshooting help, manually canceling events, recovering customer information, and providing clarity around issue origins

  • Handling incident triage and management by determining scope of impact, assigning SEV level, and looping in cross-functional teams as needed

  • Owning operational work such as GitHub Enterprise, Confluence / JIRA, and inventory management

  • Creating and maintaining processes & tooling for infrastructure organization

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about troubleshooting complex problems with systems, networking and storage at scale.

The most exciting part is that we have “the conn“, we are at the commanding desk of the ship. We are a 24/7 team who assures the reliability of the platform, where we keep the customer as our top priority. I find it very exciting to be part of a cross cultural team spread across the globe. This gives us a unique perspective on how we approach our daily challenges. Our opinions are always valued! I personally like the company's commitment to the community and open source.
Miguel Carrera

Miguel Carrera

Cloud Operations Administrator II