450k visits, OpenLiteSpeed or Nginx

April 13, 2019 538 views
Nginx CentOS

What would be your best option for busy a WooCommerce website with 450K visits monthly (just shy of a million page views), Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed?

I am used to working LiteSpeed but I am considering giving Nginx a try as I read that it performs better at scale.


1 Answer

Hi Ta.

We’re wondering if you can provide more details about nginx “performing better at scale.” Unless there has been a big nginx change of which we are not aware, performance on WordPress with WooCommerce is still around 2.5:1 between OpenLiteSpeed and nginx. We have some benchmarks on our site, including this one on our blog, if you’d like to see some comparisons.

Let us know if you have any more info or questions!

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