a non linear Droplet Pricing compared to storage and transfer

March 21, 2015 1.9k views
Billing Scaling

Introduction: From a marketing and competitive standpoint i surely understand that one of the lower tiers of droplets look very great value/product . But from a programming standpoint the non linear scaling of droplets storage between prices are forcing me to change the setup of my application .

To give an example of what i mean :

5$/month : 512mb , 1 Core , 20 GB , 1 TB transfer

20$/month : 2GB , 2 Core , 40 GB , 3 TB transfer

Now maximum storage is a necessary requirement for my application .
So spinning up 4 droplets of 5$/ month would give me .

4 x 5$ droplet = 2GB , 4 cores , 80 GB , 4TB

That is over double the amount of storage for the same price . Could someone shed some light why this is done this way because Hosting the app on 1 server or 4 servers requires a different networking setup .

That brings me to my final question does digital ocean offer plans/upgrades for more storage ?

1 Answer

Reasonably almost the only answer one can expect is because that’s what they think is proper pricing for what they are offering.

There are no upgrades for storage only at this time.

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