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    Free $50 Credit available on use of Debit Card or PayPal?

    I am willing to purchase droplets from DigitalOcean as they are the cheapest and the best option currently available in my country. However as mentioned in the question, is the free $50 credit available for use if I u...
    Accepted Answer: Dec 2019 Update: We currently offer a $100, 60-day Free Credit for new accounts that you can get by signing up here: <^>LINK: If you know someone already using DigitalOcean, get their referral link, or use this one: h...
    2 By sampleaffiliate407 Billing Getting Started FAQ
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    I forgot my server and charge bill me, and account suspended

    Hi, I am student, i got 50 dollar digital ocean credit with github education program I used that credit for an ubuntu server and then I forgot the server,my credit is finished and charge new billing(10 dollar) Is it ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @mtokmak06, Unfortunately, the community can't help you with this issue as we aren't responsible for user accounts. Please can you create a support ticket with our incredible support team who will be more tha...
    1 By mtokmak06 DigitalOcean Billing
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    Are there any plans to share Droplet Transfer Pool with Spaces?

    We're using a very small portion of our monthly droplet transfer pool. We're also planning on using spaces with CDN to serve media content. Since spaces bandwith billing is seperate from droplets it seems cheaper to u...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, At this time we don't have any plans to merge the bandwidth pools. Spaces do include 1TB/mo of bandwidth that you can use without overage fees. Learn more in our Spaces product docs (https://www.digitalocea...
    1 By beyazarge DigitalOcean Object Storage CDN Billing
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    Does DO charge more for snapshots exceeding 1GB but less than 2GB?

    I have a 1.69GB snapshot. Currently, DO charges 0.05 per gigabyte. Is a 1.69 snapshot charged 0.05 or 0.10?
    Accepted Answer: Sorry to be so late. After taking a look at my a particular snapshot in my recent invoice, what I found was: snapshot (nyc1) 1.25GB Droplet Snapshot 39 hours $0.01 So apparently DO doesn't want to bother with how i...
    1 By jeff12147212 DigitalOcean Billing
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    How do I work out the 'size' slug string for a given droplet size?

    In the API documentation at it says: size String The unique slug identifier for the size that you wish to select for this Droplet. Looking a...
    Accepted Answer: Greetings! You can list out the sizes through the API, and this will help you to find the slugs. You can draw correlation to the pricing page by the resource/price. The documentation for that can be found here: https:...
    1 By chriskerr DigitalOcean API Billing Initial Server Setup
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    I am being charged more then $5 per month

    I am using one droplete that is $5/month it is 26 of month (billing cycle 01-march to 31-march ) my usage indicates i owe $5.31 (adds up $0.20 everyday) what other charges i might be geting ? i do use digital ocean's ...
    Accepted Answer: Greetings! While I have some ideas, I'd like to instead help you to find the answer so that it will certainly be the right one. These steps will lead you to the invoice: Log in at Click on Accou...
    1 By kishan93 Billing Ubuntu 18.04
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    Can't process payments in Argentina

    Last week I've received emails from all the account I own with the subject "We couldn't process your payment" but the credit cards are OK. I've tried to change the card but I couldn't pay the bill, the notification sa...
    Accepted Answer: Same thing here, cannot use any of my visa credit cards in argentina. jfi
    3 By franherna Billing
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    github student pack

    Is it possible to to extend Github student pack for more than one year? I opened this account to use it but i didn't use any of it!
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, This can be decided on a case by case basis. Ideally we don't want you to just sit on the credit forever, we'd like you to give our services a try and see if you like them. We can understand if you need a ...
    1 By mohibulmomenutsho Billing
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    I want to ask about Billing

    I received the message with the following content : You’ve been granted credit to use on your DigitalOcean account for $100.00. We’ve updated your balance, which you can view at P...
    Accepted Answer: Hey! The VPS won't be locked after 60 days. On day 60, any remaining credit will be zeroed out and you will begin accruing a balance, which you will have to pay at the end of the month. For example: * You start with ...
    1 By DuyKhang Billing CentOS
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    A snapshot will be full charged when created or will be per hour like other services?

    I know that a snapshot costs $0.05/GB monthly, but that cost is full charged when the snapshot is created or it will be per hour like others services? Just to explain, let's say that I created a snapshot of 1GB, and a...
    Accepted Answer: Hello friend! Excellent question. Technically yes, our snapshots are billed hourly up to the monthly rate. If you have a snapshot for less than 672 hours, you would not be paying the full $0.05 per GB for that snapsho...
    1 By Panto DigitalOcean Billing
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    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable?

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable? and how much will it cost?
    Accepted Answer: I think this will be fine, we don't delete accounts unless you instruct us to do so. Snapshot pricing is outlined on the /pricing page We're not a DNS registrar and at the curre...
    1 By business3ee5aed System Tools Billing Configuration Management Conceptual Control Panels
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    Spaces cost if it's used less than a month

    Do they bill me 5$ although I cancel/delete the Space or Spaces before the end of the month? Or is it prorated?
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, This is technically billed hourly, but we state it's cost as being the end result of 672 hours (our hourly cap). If cancelled in less than 672 hours, you may see less than $5 billed. Jarland
    1 By RicardoSGZ Billing
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    Droplet Transfer Limits

    My droplet comes with a 2TB transfer limit. 1) Where can I track my droplet's current transfer use for the billing cycle? 2) Are we charged overages if we exceed this limit? I have seen a few posts here in the forum, ...
    Accepted Answer: Set up vnstat. The network connection to monitor varies from distribution to distribution. Note that 2T is a lot of data. If you really think you are going to get close to the limit, I would suggest looking for a proc...
    1 By jus29 Billing Ubuntu 16.04
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    I signed up and paid for a droplet, but I then thought about the monthly payments. So how do they work?

    Like I said in the title, I paid for a droplet after signing up but then thought about the payments. It's almost the next month, so do I have to pay again the 1st of the next month leaving me with only a few days to u...
    Accepted Answer: Its counted by hours. So for example if you create a $5/month ($0.007/hour) droplet for 3 hours then delete it you will only be charged for 3 hours of use which is $0.021. Also if you want to keep a droplet but are no...
    1 By shinf Getting Started Billing DigitalOcean Quickstart
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    Support hours and response time

    Why Any Droplets Not appear in my account even i have 4 droplets ref ticket id 1583935 no response since 1 hour what is your response time in critical situation ?? thanks
    Accepted Answer: They will respond within 24 hours.
    16 By laldeepak2002 Billing CentOS
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    Beware the new Pooled Transfer Billing

    When Digitalocean introduce their new bandwidth policy, I was very happy because it will avoid bandwidth abuse and will improve network quality. According they said, its <^>pooled, flexible<^>, and only <^>$0.01/G<^...
    Accepted Answer: Hello xfxdev, Your monthly transfer allowance is based on the number of hours your Droplets exist for during the course of the entire month. The final invoice at the end of the month determines your bill. However, the...
    3 By xfxdev Billing
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    Created and then deleted a Space. Will I get charged $5?

    I was using Cyberduck to try and create a new folder inside an existing Space, but it actually created a new Space. I deleted the Space from my Dashboard on DigitalOcean but I am wondering if I will be charged the $5 ...
    Accepted Answer: Once you start using Spaces, the actual number of Spaces has no effect on billing. You can have one Space or a thousand Spaces, and as long as: The total storage across all your Spaces is less than 250GB The total out...
    1 By benabbottnz DigitalOcean Billing
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    Do Load Balancers connected to Droplets via Private IP still count towards bandwidth quota?

    From what I've read, it's only traffic from a Public IP address that counts towards the bandwidth quota and any communication between servers via Private IP isn't counted. If my Digital Ocean Load Balancer is connecti...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, There's some nuance there. Load Balancers are what we classify as bandwidth neutral, they don't change your bandwidth allowances up or down, but the public transfers from a Load Balancer, which indirectly come ...
    1 By benabbottnz Load Balancing Billing Networking
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    why cannot i create droplet? when i press "create droplet", i get this error "Looks like something went wrong..."

    In my profile settings "Droplet Limit" shows 1. Thank you
    Accepted Answer: Finally, after two days, my ticket was answered: It looks like there may have been a problem with the PayPal payment, or a problem with our system recognizing that payment which prevented the payment from activating y...
    4 By tofighifarid DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Articles FAQ Billing
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    $2.50/mo 512mb droplets

    Is it too cost prohibitive to offer them? I suppose the usages from before the ram and disk upgrades from earlier this year would apply.
    Accepted Answer: There's feature request for $2.50/mo Droplets on the DigitalOcean's UserVoice page ( You can vote for the Add plan 512 RAM for $2.5 request (
    2 By msanangelo Billing DigitalOcean