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    Free $50 Credit available on use of Debit Card or PayPal?

    I am willing to purchase droplets from DigitalOcean as they are the cheapest and the best option currently available in my country. However as mentioned in the question, is the free $50 credit available for use if I u...
    Accepted Answer: Dec 2019 Update: We currently offer a $100, 60-day Free Credit for new accounts that you can get by signing up here: <^>LINK: If you know someone already using DigitalOcean, get their referral link, or use this one: h...
    2 By sampleaffiliate407 Billing Getting Started FAQ
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    Minimum storage duration for Spaces Object Storage

    Is there any minimum storage duration and cost associated with Spaces Object Storage? For example, I upload and delete 250 GB of data daily than would I be charged $5/month?
    Accepted Answer: Hello @utsavm , Yes, thats still $5. As long as the data doesn't exceed 250GB, the users will be charged $5 for it. Hope this helps! Cheers, Sri Charan
    1 By utsavm DigitalOcean Spaces Storage Object Storage Billing
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    How do I upgrade plan in Basic package of App Platform ?

    I am looking at App Platform pricing at : But I don't see any option under to upgrade to the $10 or more / mo plan under...
    Accepted Answer: 👋 @anjanesh You can change the instance size in Settings > your component (under scaling). At the root of the Settings page you can change your app from Basic to Pro if necessary. Hope this helps!
    1 By anjanesh DigitalOcean App Platform Billing
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    How do I cancel this?

    I have a new website developer who has moved my website to a new platform. How do I cancel my Digital Ocean account and stop billing? Thank you.
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, What you would need to do is to log in to your DigitalOcean Control Panel ( and destroy all of your Droplets as per the instructions here:
    1 By lindafranzeip Billing
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    Can I stop automatic payment and pay only for 1 droplet price and no extra ?

    I need to know if it possible to stop any automatic deduction and pay only for 1 droplet and no more unlike AWS doing it add extra money for billing and auto deduct ? I plain to only use one droplet and I do not think...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, What you could do is to use PayPal rather than a Credit Card. To use PayPal as your payment method, you will need to make pre-payments each month before your bill is due. That way you can control how much credi...
    1 By mahmodhagzy Billing
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    What Will Happend If I Pay More Than The Current Costs on Early Payment?

    If I pay more than the current monthly billing costs on an Early Payment with the custom amount, does it become a Pre-Payment? Which DO will check every first day of the month. I know there is a Pre-Payments method o...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @alramdein, What I'll recommend is to use Paypal and add the custom amount you wish to your Account. That way when you have an invoice, the invoice will be paid from there. Let's say you want to add 20 dollars to y...
    1 By alramdein Billing DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How to refer someone to digital ocean to get point

    How can one refer a friend to digital ocean to get points?
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, You can sign up for the DigitalOcean referral program ( via this link here: After that you could share your link w...
    1 By dmurithi856 Billing
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    Referral Credit Limit

    Hi, Can we clarify the following statement "Once the person you refer spends $25 as a DigitalOcean customer, we give you $25 in credit. There’s no limit to the amount of referral credit you can earn." Does this mean, ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @Fayiette When someone signs up for DigitalOcean using your referral link and adds a valid payment method, they immediately receive a $100, 60-day account credit. In return, once the person you refer spends $2...
    1 By Fayiette Billing
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    What happens when the $100 credit expires?

    I would like to know what happens after the 60 Days of credit. I have paid the initial $5 and I want to know if after the credit expires will I still have the $5 on my account credit.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @henrymendeez I believe that this question was previously asked in our community: I will put the answer provided by jarland here ...
    1 By henrymendeez Billing DigitalOcean Accounts
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    I make 2 droplets and destroy them 10 minutes after I created. Will I get charge?

    So I just make 2 droplets but after I make it I just lost RSA private key by accident (I don't know how it happen) so I just let 2 droplets run for like 10 minutes and figuring out what to do. Then I destroy the dropl...
    Accepted Answer: Hello @monPE26715, Thanks so much for the question, here is how our billing works: At the end of each calendar month, we calculate the cost of your server based on the size of your droplet. All droplets are billed at...
    1 By monPE26715 DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Droplets Billing
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    Why i had charged from my CC while have a credit in Account

    I had registered and get the $100 -60 days trial , and verify my credit card and when added domain and so , some charges applied to the cc while the $100 still the same
    Accepted Answer: Hey @akaawwad, In our public community, we aim to answer open questions about anything SysAdmin, DigitalOcean and beyond. However, we make every attempt to keep personal information safe and so don't ever access perso...
    2 By akaawwad Billing
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    Where is the 100$ credits DO promised at sign up?

    I signed up on DO 5 days ago, and was promised will receive, 100$ credits for 60 days period after I add my credit card and verified with payment; which i did, but haven't received any mail about this, or there's no ...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @ghazi, In our public community, we aim to answer open questions about anything SysAdmin, DigitalOcean and beyond. However, we make every attempt to keep personal information safe and so don't ever access personal...
    1 By ghazi Billing
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    $5 is refundable on Paypal?

    I used to Sign up using Referral Link. But, I don't have Credit Card. Then I Created account in Paypal. Then on Screen I see $5 for pre-payment. Is it refundable? Or it will be debited from $100 credit which can be co...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Since we don’t charge PayPal accounts automatically invoice on 1st towards an owed balance like we do for card payments; we seek $5 as a an advance credit, which will be on your account itself. This can be re...
    1 By geeta1998ninawe Billing
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    Referral Stats / pending / earned / paid

    Hi, I have some questions about referral program. I recently got involved in share Digital Ocean as a solution on Brazilian programing groups, and help new users with some common questions. And now, I have 7 referral ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @ricagurgel, You will get $25 credit as soon as your referral actually spends $25. The earned amount is the amount that is pending to be applied to your account. It could take up to a few weeks for this to be...
    1 By ricagurgel Billing Control Panels
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    How to set a traffic limit to avoid unwanted charges?

    I read that If the outbound transfer exceeds the amount included with my Droplets at end of the cycle, I will be charged $0.01 per excess gigabyte. I am concerned about this potential automatic charge. Is there a way ...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @iljkr, I don't believe that this is currently possible but it sounds like an interesting idea. The best thing to do to get your voice heard regarding this would be to head over to our Product Ideas board and post...
    3 By iljkr Billing Networking
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    Does each individual backup cost $1?

    I currently have a droplet that I've enabled backups on as it's a client and I wouldn't want to loose everything by accident. It's been enabled for a little bit now and I looked and there are currently 3 backups. I wa...
    Accepted Answer: Hello @httpdevz, This would cause you just $1 so there will be no need to delete old backups manually. Hope that this helps! Regards, Bobby
    1 By httpdevz Backups Billing
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    Additional member

    Hello, how can I add a member to one specific server of many I have in my account. This person should be also responsible for payments and be the owner of this server. Thanks
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @nicolaeb6fe2cfb0cea9d4997b What you can do is create a Team and add the user as a member/biller. Teams are useful for project leaders and business owners who want to share control of server infrastructure wit...
    1 By nicolaeb6fe2cfb0cea9d4997b Billing
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    Trial offer not received

    I signed up normally and without any reference link. I haven't received the trial offer of $100 for 60 days.No promo code received. I need this offer to get myself familiarize with the system. Please help me know how ...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @anupamnitc, In our public community, we aim to answer open questions about anything SysAdmin, DigitalOcean and beyond. However, we make every attempt to keep personal information safe and so don't ever access per...
    1 By anupamnitc Billing Miscellaneous
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    Details on bandwidth billing of my droplet

    Hey guys! I currently have one droplets running. In my usage panel it says: <^>Estimated Droplet Transfer Pool: 1 GB used of 1129 GB<^> <^>You have accrued 915 GB of free data transfer. If you keep running Droplets at...
    Accepted Answer: Bandwidth for droplets is distributed across the entire month. You don't get all the bandwidth on the 1st of the month. For example the $5 droplet comes with 1TB of transfer. This 1TB is distributed across a full mont...
    1 By albalab Billing
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    How to stop zero billings on my account ?

    Hello, my bank application shows that DO constantly charges $0.0 (as I understand it, it charges a couple of cents and then cancels). It's quite annoying to scroll through pages of empty billings, can I stop this or s...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @scriptdealers, In our public community, we aim to answer open questions about anything SysAdmin, DigitalOcean and beyond. However, we make every attempt to keep personal information safe and so don't ever access ...
    1 By scriptdealers Billing