After DNS Change from ip to domain, site doesn't load

March 14, 2018 922 views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04


I was setting up my website on my new droplet for WordPress on my IP, when I finished, promptly I created a CNAME record and changed the DNS on my register.

Thing is, now my ip and my domain are not loading, they just show me the error ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT.

What should I do? DNS already propagated and Mxtoolbox says my DNS is set up correctly.

Can anyone help me out?



3 Answers

Are you able to access your Droplet via its IP address? Double check that your DNS records contain the correct IP address. Looking up your domain name, the IP address associated with it isn't responding to ping or HTTP requests.

  • Hey Kamaln7, thanks for your response.

    No, i'm not able to access the site through my IP.

    • Did you follow a specific tutorial to set up Wordpress? Do you have a firewall enabled?

      • I followed this tutorial (in PT-BR) using serverpilot, I followed all steps but DNS change, that way I could import my website first. Importing done I made all DNS changes required with my domain register and cname record, also SPF and gmail records, fulfilling the tutorial.

        I did create a firewall, using the basic configuration from DigitalOcean. Would it be the reason my website isn't loading?

        • Yes, it's possible that the firewall is blocking connections. Add a new rule and select HTTP. That should allow connections to your website. If you're using HTTPS, add a rule for that too.

          This is optional, but for ping to work, you need to also allow ICMP connections. It's good to have, but not necessary.

everything great now kamaln7, thanks!

yes, it is an issue, whenever changing any domain name server or hosting related terminal, you may find some big bugs such as not loading, disappearing, site down or sometimes 404 errors in complete disappearance of your site. I may recommend consulting with a web design service just before doing anything like that.

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