Any chance that a website built in Django 1.3.3 / Python package can be transferred to Digital Ocean and then updated?

June 9, 2017 1.1k views
Ubuntu Django

Webfaction migrated to new servers, stopped supporting this version and two client sites are offline. Apologies I am a project manager without a developer but a colleague mentioned that it may be possible to migrate the assets to a Digital Ocean VPS and then do the version update. I would appreciate comments.

2 Answers

Yes, you would be able to transfer and setup the sites on a DO machine, but you would be responsible for both transferring the sites, and updating them yourself, as DO is a non-managed service.


With DigitalOcean, you start with a blank canvas, which starts with a minimal OS install, so you’d be free to setup the VPS to your liking. You have full root access to install any software, dependencies, etc, so once the VPS is setup to meet your needs, you could definitely work on migrating the site over.

You can install Python 2, Python 3, and/or any version of software you need. As long as you’re familiar with working from the CLI, anything is possible :-).

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