Any plan to offer Managed Server?

Posted September 11, 2014 19k views

Hi DO,

Lot of people (including me) want to migrate our sites to digitalocean as you are offering high quality server, starting only $5. We can purchase a vps now. But its not easy to setup, manage, fine tune, secure, update, monitor etc a vps. Moreover its a tough & continuous job. So a managed vps could be a solution for us.

So do you have any plan to offer managed server soon or near future?

  • It is not that difficult also…

    Enough tutorials are available and you can setup things with just eyes closed..

    I moved from cPanel based shared hosting service.. It took me 10 days in total for everything !!! Little trail and error, testing and that is it..

    Mind you, it is my first exp with Linux..

    But this is a one time task, since once everything is installed, you dont need to play with settings.. There are free apps which will present you GUI version of your server status and stats..

    Anyway, different people will have different needs and I am happy so far with their pricing.. Since its unmanaged that is why I can enjoy a good VPS config from reliable hosting at USD 5 or USD 10 a month :D

  • Thanks, but i am not a tech person. So it is tough for me :).

  • Utterly irrelevant comment Hunky, and incorrect, you always need to do things to servers to keep them upto date and functioning properly. There is a need for a managed environment, even for experienced linux sysadmins. Sometimes you need that support when you’re already pushed to the limit.

    We currently use Rackspace and want to move away from them, but I am the only sysadmin managing 50+ cloud servers, so the rackspace managed support is very valuable.

  • I manage client droplets with the help of, but the question remains, what if I’m not here to fix things when they go wrong, who does the client call for support? Naturally this leaves me looking for a managed VPS, currently all I can find in terms of managed droplets is but I don’t like their set up, I much prefer Serverpilots but Serverpilot don’t offer around the clock phone support…

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Seeing that DigitalOcean is sticking to being unmanaged… which is something it’s best at!
Several really good & really easy solution have surfaced.

Have a look.

I am very interested in this too.

I believe they are looking into it as there is many users like you who would rather have somebody manage the vps

Same here! I’d absolutely love a managed server! I’ve read a little about, but I think that’s only for PHP sites…

Any answer/hope from Digital Ocean team?

it’s good idea and i think many people need such managed service. it’s annoying if the server has problems and it’s hard to solve the problem for no-tech guys.

I’m looking at cloudways anyway,but i think if DO has that service it’ll be better.

If you are still looking someone to manage the VPS have a look Linux Server Management

It includes 24x7 monitoring, Security audit etc