-bash: django-admin.py: command not found

March 12, 2013 12.1k views
I have done a research but I still don't found the solution. I installed Django, and when I make an import django in python it works. So, what can I do? Thanks
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Have you checked below?


All sources point here for this specific issue.
Yeah, I tried this and I still getting the error.
More information to add:
- I installed django via apt-get.
- I have two Python version in the server, previously installed. I didn't installed a new Python version.

is django-admin.py located in your bin folder? /usr/local/bin/django-admin.py

This is the contents of my django-admin.py

from django.core import management

if __name__ == "__main__":
Nope, it is not there. Can I uninstall Django with apt and install it downloading it from Django webpage?

And see what happens.
I did what I posted and it works now, it is solved.

Working: http://django.dev-coders.es/
sudo pip install Django - will solve any errors like this
you need install pip
command is : sudo apt-get install python-pip
how install django, is simple
command is: sudo pip install django

Make sure you have installed Django.

Simply use
python -m django startproject ‘whatever’, or
python3 -m django startproject 'whatever’.
depending on the version you’re using

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