BBC iPlayer proxy blocking

June 18, 2018 2.5k views
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Is BBC iPlayer blocking all of your IP ranges? I had an Ubuntu 14.04 SOCKS5 proxy running for two years and it recently started to be blocked by BBC iPlayer. I have tried over 50 droplets with that image and they all block. Proxy works fine for other sites. Do I need to set up an image on a newer distro or are all of your IP ranges blocked?

4 Answers

Same situation here for the last week or so ... iPlayer access is now blocked using either SOCKS proxy or VPN both of which have worked fine for the last 2 years. Both still work for other UK sites. A working solution for iPlayer would be most welcome!

Same here, have not found a solution yet.

Same here! Anyone found a solution to this?

I ended up using the Hola browser plugin on Chrome for iPlayer access. You may have to click through a few proxies to get one that works and it isn't super stable. ITV still works from a DO proxy.

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