BBC iPlayer proxy blocking

June 18, 2018 2.8k views
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Is BBC iPlayer blocking all of your IP ranges? I had an Ubuntu 14.04 SOCKS5 proxy running for two years and it recently started to be blocked by BBC iPlayer. I have tried over 50 droplets with that image and they all block. Proxy works fine for other sites. Do I need to set up an image on a newer distro or are all of your IP ranges blocked?

4 Answers

Same situation here for the last week or so … iPlayer access is now blocked using either SOCKS proxy or VPN both of which have worked fine for the last 2 years. Both still work for other UK sites. A working solution for iPlayer would be most welcome!

Same here, have not found a solution yet.

Same here! Anyone found a solution to this?

I ended up using the Hola browser plugin on Chrome for iPlayer access. You may have to click through a few proxies to get one that works and it isn’t super stable. ITV still works from a DO proxy.

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