Billing for plan change

March 24, 2017 1.3k views

I just wonder how Digital Ocean calculate the amount if I change

  • $5 plan to $40 plan?
  • $40 plan to $5 plan?
  • $5 plan to $40 plan? to $10plan?


1 Answer


If, for example, you start with a 512MB Droplet ($5) and use it for 5 hours, then upgrade it to a 4GB Droplet ($40), you'll be billed for 5 hours on the 512MB and then for however long you use the 4GB.

If you downgrade back to a 512MB ($5) Droplet from a 4GB ($40) Droplet, you'll be billed for the 5 hours on the 512MB Droplet, X hours on the 4GB Droplet, and from then on, until the next change, you'll be billed per hour for the 512MB Droplet.

Where X is the amount of hours on the 4GB ($40) Droplet.

All Droplets are billed hourly with one-hour being the minimum amount billed. So if you use the Droplet for one-minute or 59 minutes, you're billed for the full hour.

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