Can't access my site through sftp connection

January 20, 2016 2.6k views

I installed the server as in the tutorial and it loads and seems like in the tutorial screenshots but when I try to transfer files through the sftp connection I can’t access any of the files through my IP address. For some reason I don’t have /var/www folder in my server.

  • Hey there,

    Wow, sounds like an odd problem. Is there a specific error message you’re encountering? Is there anything in your logs indicating a cause to the issue? The more precise information you give us, the better we can help. Screenshots, videos, or step by step walkthroughs of an issue really help!

    I would also suggest opening a support ticket. The support team might be able to help further with some more info.


  • Hi,
    Attached screenshots. I hope I’m doing it all right.
    It also shows var when I type ls.

1 Answer

Hey there,

It looks like you are confusing /root/var/www/htmlwith /var/www/html from what I see in your root_001.png screenshot. It can be confusing as “/” is known as the root of the drive, and “/root” is the home folder for the root user account.

You want to try to back out of /root (which is what you log into by default) and find /var. Usually there is a ‘double dot’ at the top of folder listing that if double clicked would move you up a folder. Most FTP programs show it like that. You may also want to try out FileZilla instead as it may be easier to navigate with.

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Jon Schwenn
Platform Support Specialist

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