Can we use DigitalOcean as websocket gateway/pipe

November 9, 2019 182 views
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Hi Members,

I am a newbie to digitalocean and cloud computing. I hope my question doesn’t seem vague to you,apologies before hand.

I am trying to access the web socket data that is hosted on my raspberry pi 3b+(running raspian strech) at some local ip (via a public ws /wss url) to be used over anywhere in the internet? Thus, creating a websocket gateway/proxy server to connect between two different networks.

How can i use digitalocean services for the same.Also please note, i cannot port forward my router due to ISP restrictions.And, i have tried setting up tinc , but what after that?
Any advice would be really helped.


1 Answer

Hi @shariq287, you would have root access to your server so I think that you should be able to setup websockets and proxies. It would of course be up to you to set that up and configure everything on the server.

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