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  • Tech talk

    Creating a Laravel API

    APIs make the web go round. Let's create one from scratch using the popular PHP framework, Laravel. We will go over the main tools required to create Laravel projects and the fastest, most efficient way to create a La...
    By Chris On Code API Laravel Tech Talks
  • Tutorial

    An Introduction to OAuth 2

    OAuth 2 is an authorization framework that enables applications to obtain limited access to user accounts on an HTTP service, such as Facebook, GitHub, and DigitalOcean. It works by delegating user authentication to t...
    By Mitchell Anicas Security API Conceptual
  • Tech talk

    Creating an Authenticated API on DigitalOcean

    Create an API that has authentication and authorization so that certain resources are only accessible by certain users.
    By Chris On Code API Tech Talks
  • Tutorial

    How To Use Web APIs in Python 3

    An API, or Application Program Interface, makes it easy for developers to integrate one app with another. They expose some of a program's inner workings in a limited way. You can use APIs to get information from other...
    By Brian King Python API Development Programming Project
  • Tech talk

    Consuming a Custom API With React

    We have built a custom API with Strapi in the past. Now that we have some data, a dashboard, and a REST API, let's use JavaScript and React to consume that API. We will build a simple app and talk about grabbing data ...
    By Chris On Code API Tech Talks React
  • Tutorial

    How To Build a Slackbot in Python on Ubuntu 20.04

    In this tutorial you will build a Slackbot in the Python programming language. As a fun proof-of-concept that will demonstrate the power of Python and its Slack APIs, you will build a CoinBot--a Slackbot that monitors...
    By Mason Egger Ubuntu 20.04 Python API Slack
  • Tech talk

    Building Custom APIs With Strapi

    Let's build a custom API – quickly! Using Strapi, a Node CMS, we can create our own APIs in very little time without having to write Node code, from a clean dashboard. Get up and running with a REST API or GraphQL API.
    By Chris On Code API Tech Talks
  • Tutorial

    An Introduction to Cloud-Config Scripting

    The DigitalOcean metadata service includes a field called "user-data", which can be used to specify a script that will be run as your server is brought online. The CloudInit program, which runs these scripts, can pro...
    By Justin Ellingwood API DigitalOcean
  • Tutorial

    How To Use Terraform with DigitalOcean

    Terraform is a tool for building and managing infrastructure in an organized way. It can be used to manage DigitalOcean droplets and DNS entries, in addition to a large variety of services offered by other providers. ...
    By Mitchell Anicas, Brian Hogan System Tools API Terraform Nginx Load Balancing
  • Tutorial

    How To Use Doctl, the Official DigitalOcean Command-Line Client

    DigitalOcean's web based control panel provides a convenient, point-and-click interface for managing Droplets. There are many times, however, when a command-line tool may be a preferable alternative. doctl, the offic...
    By Marko Mudrinić DigitalOcean API Configuration Management
  • Tutorial series

    Getting Started with CoreOS

    CoreOS is a powerful Linux distribution built to make large, scalable deployments on varied infrastructure simple to manage. Based on a build of Chrome OS, CoreOS maintains a lightweight host system and uses Docker co...
    By Justin Ellingwood, Mitchell Anicas and Brennen Bearnes Clustering Docker Scaling System Tools Conceptual CoreOS API DigitalOcean Networking Load Balancing Nginx Security
  • Tutorial

    How To Use Cloud-Config For Your Initial Server Setup

    A cloud-config file is a special script that is used to define configuration details for your server as it is being brought online for the first time. These are often used for completing common tasks that a user woul...
    By Justin Ellingwood Deployment API DigitalOcean Initial Server Setup
  • Tutorial

    How To Configure Devise and OmniAuth for Your Rails Application

    Devise and OmniAuth let you add modern login features to your Ruby on Rails application. Learn how to let users log in to your app with DigitalOcean, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and more.
    By Hathy A Ruby on Rails API Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To Display Data from the DigitalOcean API with React

    React and other open-source web frameworks have added to the popularity of JavaScript by making the language more accessible to new developers and increasing the productivity of seasoned developers. In this tutorial, ...
    By Roy Derks React Applications Development API Programming Project
  • Tutorial

    How To Build a Weather App with Angular, Bootstrap, and the APIXU API

    Angular (https://angular.io) is a front-end web framework that allows developers to build single-page applications modeled around a model-view-controller (MVC) design. In this tutorial, you'll create a weather app usi...
    By nnamdiekweekwe Development Applications JavaScript API
  • Tutorial

    How To Automate the Scaling of Your Web Application on DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.04 Droplets

    In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use DigitalOcean API to horizontally scale your server setup. To do this, we will use DOProxy, a relatively simple Ruby script that, once configured, provides a command lin...
    By Mitchell Anicas DigitalOcean Scaling API Ruby
  • Tutorial

    How To Set Up a GraphQL Server in Node.js with Apollo Server and Sequelize

    GraphQL is a specification and therefore language agnostic. When it comes GraphQL development with Node.js, there are various options available ranging from graphql-js, express-graphql, to apollo-server. In this tutor...
    By Chimezie Enyinnaya API Node.js
  • Tutorial

    Understanding Queries in GraphQL

    In this tutorial, we'll take an in-depth look at queries in GraphQL so that you better understand how to retrieve data from a GraphQL server. We will cover fields, arguments, aliases, operation syntax, and more. Once ...
    By Peter Ekene API
  • Tutorial

    How To Use DigitalOcean Snapshots to Automatically Backup your Droplets

    There are plenty of options for how to backup your data on a VPS. DigitalOcean's snapshot feature is a way of backing up your data as an image. In this article, we will explain how to implement automated snapshots u...
    By Justin Ellingwood DigitalOcean Backups Ruby API Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To Create an API Gateway Using Ambassador on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

    Envoy is an open source service proxy designed for cloud-native applications. In Kubernetes, Ambassador can be used to install and manage Envoy configuration. Ambassador supports zero downtime configuration changes an...
    By Krishna Modi Kubernetes API Configuration Management