console access problem while using putty, filezilla or winscp

October 23, 2014 4.1k views


i can access to my server using with putty, but when i change my password, putty shut down..and also i can not access the server if i try to use filezilla or winscp.

i am getting this error in filezilla
Error: Connection closed by server with exitcode 1
Error: Could not connect to server

i am getting this error in winscp if i choose SCP file protocol

Error skipping startup message. Your shell is probably incompatible with the application (BASH is recommended).

i am getting this error in winscp if i choose SFTP file protocol

Cannot initialize SFTP protocol. Is the host running a SFTP server?

1 Answer

When changing your password, remember that the first prompt is for the current root password. The one that is emailed to you. If that is entered incorrectly, you will be logged out and the password will not have changed.

You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)
Changing password for root.
(current) UNIX password: 
Enter new UNIX password: 
Retype new UNIX password: 
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