Created and then deleted a Space. Will I get charged $5?

August 28, 2018 664 views
Billing DigitalOcean

I was using Cyberduck to try and create a new folder inside an existing Space, but it actually created a new Space. I deleted the Space from my Dashboard on DigitalOcean but I am wondering if I will be charged the $5 for the Space anyway?

I’m confused because the pricing for Spaces isn’t set as hours like most other products on DigitalOcean are.

1 Answer

Once you start using Spaces, the actual number of Spaces has no effect on billing.

You can have one Space or a thousand Spaces, and as long as:

  1. The total storage across all your Spaces is less than 250GB
  2. The total outbound bandwidth across all your Spaces is less than 1TB

you will only be charged $5

Go ahead and create that Space :)

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