Defined wp-config Url to solve redirection now Server unable to handle request

May 2, 2018 820 views
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after changing url in wp admin to https got into indirect loop to solve that i defined wp-config urls and now server error

this is the log files of nginx FastCGI sent in stderr: PHP message: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected :, expecting , or ) in /var/www/html/ wp-config.php on line 20 while reading response header from upstream, client: 172. 68.146.45, server: _, request: GET / HTTP/1.1, upstream: fastcgi://unix:/var/run /php/php7.0-fpm.sock

1 Answer

What is on line 20 of wp-config.php?

This error indicates a syntax error which should be easily solvable by viewing the line in question. If you can include a couple lines before and after that would be helpful in case context comes into play in the error.

  • Hi thanks for the reply , that was solved the issue is when i configure cloudflare ssl it went infinite loops after i changed to origin to https and i added the define site name in this line ,
    due to some cache plugins or themes it went another memory error , i disabled all plugins and themes and added a memory set line in wp-setting then it solved

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