Linux Commands

Linux users can interact with their machines through a wide assortment of different commands. Here, we have in-depth explanations of a variety of these commands.

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    Checking the number of directories in an environmental variable

    1 answer17 days agoBy ff6af0b019c8-4c97-88eb-cc3077
    Linux BasicsLinux Commands

    How To Handle apt-key and add-apt-repository Deprecation Using gpg to Add External Repositories on Ubuntu 22.04

    2 months agoBy Tony Tran
    Linux BasicsLinux CommandsUbuntu 22.04

    Django Permissions with Nginx and Gunicorn

    Accepted Answer Available
    1 answer2 months agoBy mpasquali
    DigitalOcean DropletsDjangoLinux CommandsNginxUbuntu 20.04

    Question about disabling direct root logins

    1 answer2 months agoBy swadams
    DigitalOcean DropletsLinux CommandsSecurity

    SSH root not asks for password

    1 answer2 months agoBy Edu Leon
    Debian 10SecurityLinux Commands

    Vscode not loading terminal when connecting to Droplet via SSH

    1 answer3 months agoBy 1ccb25b121d1-49c0-88d7-0115df
    Building on DigitalOceanDevelopmentDigitalOcean DropletsLinux BasicsLinux Commands

    Can't update the servers

    2 answers3 months agoBy b3699d04c0e6-4b4f-afaf-3bd295
    Linux CommandsUbuntu 20.04
    Conceptual Article

    Learning to Love Your Terminal

    3 months agoBy Alex Garnett
    Linux BasicsCloud ComputingLinux Commands

    Issues with public SSH key authentication on droplet

    2 answers4 months agoBy Michael Hermary
    DigitalOcean DropletsLinux CommandsUbuntu 20.04

    Package Management Essentials: apt, yum, dnf, pkg

    6 months agoBy Brennen Bearnes
    Linux BasicsLinux CommandsGetting StartedSystem Tools

    How to pass environment variables to a Docker container?

    Accepted Answer Available
    1 answer6 months agoBy Bobby Iliev
    ContainerDockerLinux BasicsLinux Commands

    How To Use Top, Netstat, Du, & Other Tools to Monitor Server Resources

    6 months agoBy Justin Ellingwood, Alex Garnett
    Linux BasicsMonitoringLinux Commands

    How To Use ps, kill, and nice to Manage Processes in Linux

    6 months agoBy Alex Garnett
    Linux BasicsLinux CommandsSystem Tools

    How To Build Go Executables for Multiple Platforms on Ubuntu 16.04

    6 months agoBy Marko Mudrinić
    UbuntuApplicationsMiscellaneousOpen SourceLinux Commands

    How to Add and Delete Users on Ubuntu 20.04

    7 months agoBy Jamon Camisso
    Linux CommandsUbuntu 20.04Linux Basics

    Can I configure Droplet to automatically restart python app service when I update *.py file?

    1 answer7 months agoBy Bluemont
    FlaskLinux CommandsPythonUbuntu 20.04

    Unexpected result from answering a Linux prompt on my Droplet

    2 answers7 months agoBy Bluemont
    DigitalOcean DropletsLinux CommandsUbuntu 20.04

    Pull file from remote windows machine

    1 answer7 months agoBy Puma
    DigitalOcean DropletsLinux CommandsUbuntuUbuntu 20.04

    Not able to start NGINX services, unknown directive "<!DOCTYPE" in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/site1:6

    1 answer7 months agoBy FriendlyAquamarineEel
    ApplicationsDebian 10Linux CommandsNginx

    How to change the root password with the cloud-init program on CentOS 7

    Accepted Answer Available
    1 answer8 months agoBy georgesjeandenis
    Linux BasicsLinux CommandsCentOSCloud ComputingInitial Server Setup