Digital ocean change floating ip address from dropplet command

April 23, 2018 1.5k views
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Can i put a rule on floating ip, or possibly can run a command on a droplet to change the floating ip address reference to a different droplet (prefered).

1 Answer

You can. Here is an example of using floating IPs with heartbeat to implement an automatic failover configuration.

by Mitchell Anicas
Heartbeat is an open source program that provides cluster infrastructure capabilities—cluster membership and messaging—to client servers, which is a critical component in a high availability (HA) server infrastructure. Heartbeat is typically used in conjunction with a cluster resource manager (CRM), such as Pacemaker, to achieve a complete HA setup. However, in this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to create a 2-node HA server setup by simply using Heartbeat and a DigitalOcean Floating IP.
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