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  • Tutorial

    Suggested Topics for Tutorials

    Our tutorials help people like you solve some of their trickiest problems. Whether they're building out some infrastructure or writing a web application, readers trust our tutorials because they're written for develop...
    By The DigitalOcean Community Team DigitalOcean Articles
  • Tutorial

    DigitalOcean's Technical Writing Guidelines

    DigitalOcean is excited to continue building out its collection of technical articles related to server administration and software engineering. To keep the DigitalOcean community unified and to ensure that articles f...
    By Hazel Virdó, Brian Hogan DigitalOcean Articles Write for DO
  • Tutorial

    Write for DOnations - Frequently Asked Questions

    This is a list of frequently asked questions about DigitalOcean's Write for DOnations program.
    By Kathleen Juell DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Articles FAQ
  • Tutorial

    Technical Recommendations and Best Practices for DigitalOcean's Tutorials

    This guide is an effort to summarize established best practices and strong recommendations for authors of DigitalOcean tutorials. It is intended to provide a foundation for consistency, technical correctness, and ease...
    By The DigitalOcean Community Team DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Articles Write for DO
  • Tutorial

    How To Write an Article for the DigitalOcean Community

    DigitalOcean is excited to continue building out its collection of technical articles. The goal of these articles is to provide well written, comprehensive pieces on a variety of topics related to server administratio...
    By Etel Sverdlov DigitalOcean Articles
  • Tutorial series

    The Navigator's Guide to DigitalOcean

    This is an early release version of the contents of the Navigator's Guide book, an offering from the DigitalOcean Solutions Engineers. The goal of the book is to help business customers plan their infrastructure needs...
    By Fabian Barajas and Jon Schwenn DigitalOcean Articles Solutions High Availability Configuration Management Terraform Ansible
  • Tutorial

    How To Format DigitalOcean Articles For Publication

    When we accept articles for the DigitalOcean community, we look for several characteristics: relevant and interesting topics, clear writing style, and appropriate formatting. The last concern, formatting, is an import...
    By Sharon Campbell DigitalOcean Articles
  • Navigator's Guide: Initial Environment Setup

    This is the first hands-on portion of the book. First, we'll go over the tools we'll be using, how they fit together, and how they can be beneficial to you as you begin to create and manage your infrastructure on Digi...
    By Fabian Barajas, Jon Schwenn DigitalOcean Articles Solutions
  • Navigator's Guide: Preface

    How do I scale and grow my infrastructure for my business? More importantly, how do I prevent a crisis? How do I know what my decisions will also impact? Am I asking the right questions? This book will help answer qu...
    By Fabian Barajas, Jon Schwenn DigitalOcean Articles Solutions
  • Navigator's Guide: Our Solutions for Cloud Computing

    Before we set sail, we want to share a brief infrastructure history lesson. This will help provide context on the needs that cloud infrastructure fills and how to take full advantage of it to get the most value, perfo...
    By Fabian Barajas, Jon Schwenn DigitalOcean Articles Solutions
  • Navigator's Guide: DigitalOcean, Customer Success, and You

    In the introduction, we said that this book would give you the tools and the understanding you need to run a successful infrastructure on DigitalOcean — but what is DigitalOcean, and who are we to tell you what to do?
    By Fabian Barajas, Jon Schwenn DigitalOcean Articles Solutions
  • Question

    Can't login to droplet with SSH and access console is unresponsive

    I created a droplet and added my SSH key in the creation process. It worked well, I could easily connect to server from my local machine via SSH. Later I created a new SSH key in my local machine, I uploaded it to the...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @mantas393 You've mentioned that you've created an additional ssh key on your machine, but is the previous still present on your PC? The thing is you can define the exact ssh_key you want to use during the ssh...
    2 By mantas393 Logging DigitalOcean Articles
  • Question

    Why is wordpress site download file instead displaying site?

    I can't get my wordpress install live locally, i'm using wordpress, nginx, mySQL, php 7.1, ubuntu 16.04 and below is my nginx file. I just get a download file instead of the website. server { listen 80 defaul...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @scottastafford5 Are you sure you're using PHP 7.1 and not 7.0 ? The default with Ubuntu 16.04 is 7.0. Did you mean to have server_name; instead of server_name homebuilder.c...
    2 By scottastafford5 DigitalOcean Articles Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    September 2016: What new tutorials would you like to read on DigitalOcean?

    Got a tech question that could be solved by a how-to? What tutorial topics are sparking your interest this month? Keep the suggestions flowing until the end of September. During the first week of October, we'll respon...
    Accepted Answer: Thank you for posting September's topic requests! Over the next few days we will review and respond to all suggestions. -Sharon, Editorial Manager
    23 By sharon DigitalOcean Articles
  • Question

    How to Host Multiple Wordpress Sites on LEMP on Ubuntu.

    I want to Host multiple wordpress websites on my single droplet created with LEMP on Ubuntu 16.04. I am trying to do this from past 2 days but still no luck.I have seen many Tutorials on DO but they are very old(most ...
    Accepted Answer: You can find instructions for how to install a multi-site wordpress installation on top of a LEMP stack here: (https:...
    2 By dheerajkumar06471 Nginx Networking PHP MySQL CMS WordPress DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Articles Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu
  • Question

    How to setup Virtualhosts properly for Wordpress Multisite from One Click Wordpress setup with Letsencrypt

    Wordpress multisite runs great on Digital Ocean's One Click Wordpress install setup. However problems happen when trying to add Letsencrypt to the installation for each domain the multisite uses. The typical multisite...
    Accepted Answer: Answer given at the letsencrypt support forums (
    2 By tryhardnotenough WordPress DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Apache Let's Encrypt LAMP Stack DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Articles Linux Basics Quickstart Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    why cannot i create droplet? when i press "create droplet", i get this error "Looks like something went wrong..."

    In my profile settings "Droplet Limit" shows 1. Thank you
    Accepted Answer: Finally, after two days, my ticket was answered: It looks like there may have been a problem with the PayPal payment, or a problem with our system recognizing that payment which prevented the payment from activating y...
    4 By tofighifarid DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Articles FAQ Billing
  • Question

    Apache installed, no directory?

    Hi guys, So I followed this tutorial, on how to setup a site and I followed every single step. I then p...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @avi24 Is there a special reason why you're following the Ubuntu 14.04 tutorial instead of 16.04? W...
    1 By avi24 Apache DigitalOcean Articles DNS LAMP Stack Ubuntu
  • Question

    Deploying More than Text Content using Your DigitalOcean Droplet

    The following article got me to the point where I could display text content, but that's where it stopped. How To Set Up a Node.js Application for Production on Ubuntu 16.04 (
    Accepted Answer: I just came across this post, thanks for sharing it! By the way the formatting seems fine as well.
    2 By MLR DigitalOcean Nginx DigitalOcean Articles Node.js Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    When I try to query data from Parse using curl or .net client application it returns empty results

    I followed a guide "How To Host Parse Server" for Ubuntu 14.04 and completed all steps there but can not figure out why parse is returning nothing. Please help curl -H "X-Parse-Application-Id: MyAppId" https://mydomai...
    Accepted Answer: Found what was the problem: did not import _SCHEMA table from previous database. But now I have a new problem: when I do second query right away after a query server returns: 502 bad gateway. If I wait several seconds...
    1 By andrey502fca004 MongoDB Getting Started DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Articles Ubuntu 16.04