Digitalocean blocked smtp send mail

March 12, 2018 1.6k views
DigitalOcean CentOS

Today i try buy VPS cloud plan $40 per monthly for my wordpress website. Issue my VPS can’t send SMTP with postmarkapp, i try contact support and them reply we only enable SMTP for VPS after 2 month (60days) using vps. In 2 months, what will I do with my website and my member can not activate?

1 Answer

This is common for VPS providers and new customers. You should use a mail service instead in the meantime. Mailgun and others have a very generous free tier (i.e. 10k emails per month for free)

Once you get the mail service set up, you will likely not even want to send your own mail until you outgrow the free tier.

  • I using mail service postmarkapp but not working! DO blocked it. bad VPS provinder

    • DO can’t block a third party mail service. That is not the way this works.

      Your app connects to mail service -> mail service sends email.

      I think you have a configuration issue.

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