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Lack of consideration of this DigitalOcean with customers. I opened a ticket 15 hours ago and no one answers. I will have to create another server and redirect my entire application to the new server. Previously you answered the tickets in less than 2 hours. Absolute ruin. I’m going to switch my servers to another vendor.

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I think something must be going on with Digital Ocean right now, having so many difficulties all of a sudden.


  • I think so to as some of my tickets have gone for a few days in being answered. Pure speculation but I think they are being spammed with duplicate and triplicate tickets.

    • I think I am going to close my ticket right now as I resolved it all my self now anyway and hopefully that helps the community.

      • If you have posted the question in the forum already and you have solved it I would post the answer so others can find it.

        One of my biggest peeves on Stack Overflow are closed threads with a simple - “Thx I solved It”

        • This does not relate to this, this is in relation to my own ticket. But all I did was turn it on and off again anyway.

Same problem here. They do not answer my ticket since February 05. This is worst support ever

So far, almost 3 days is the longest time I wait till they reply to my ticket. Frustrating!

i havent had a response in 48 hours and they are charging money for a droplet that i cannot delete or start.

horrible service from them .. I’m changing my servers … digitalocean never
but I want it .. very bad support … it’s getting worse.

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