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Posted May 11, 2014 4.5k views
Hi... running into a problem with a droplet running ubuntu 14.04 and dokuu for node.js style applications. I set up the server many times, with the correct keys, and added the keys to dokku, and was able to ssh into my server with "password" perfectly fine at root@myipaddress. However, when I add a remote for my git repo with "git remote add production dokku@myipaddress:appname" and then try to perform "git push production master" it first asks me for my .pub key password (which is blank, so there is no error) and then asks me for the dokku@myipaddress password. I enter the same "password" that allowed me to ssh into root@myipaddress, but it returns me the error of permission denied. Why is this happening? I have all the correct keys copied locally, on the server, and in dokku, and I am using the right ip address and password. Regards

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How did you add the keys to the dokku user? Use:

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@your.dokku.ip "sudo sshcommand acl-add dokku [description]"