Domains cannot resolve after cpanel installed

August 29, 2014 2.7k views

Hi there.
I’ve just installed cpanel/whm in my centos 6.5
But i can’t reach my domains.

I’ve set my hostname to “”

“” does not work but works.

And i’ve added a new account with it’s domain was set on the main domain of cpanel “”. then does not work and is working!

Another problem is that when i want to access to the : “” it will redirect me “

The dns is approved and works fine.

I want to know why it can’t show me the cpanel welcome page!

Can anyone help me?

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  • Is apache running?

    as root:

    service httpd status

    Try to start it with

    service httpd start

    Doesn’t look like DNS, if https is working and http is not, then your domain is resolving to the correct IP. Looks like more nothing is listening on port 80 for connections, or a firewall is blocking traffic on that port.

1 Answer

You’re right , The problem was from apache.
It had problem and buy repairing it , system is working fine,

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