Droplet is unable to reach a domain

Posted April 28, 2020 783 views
CentOS 8


I am hosting an app on Centos 8.1 droplet that runs on Apache/PHP/MySQL. The issue I am seeing is that from time to time it is unable to communicate with a domain “” on port 443. When this happens, I can access this domain from my laptop so it looks like the issue is on Digitalocean side. I have also disabled SELinux on this droplet for now and yet still seeing the issue.

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Hi @pbhamburkar,

Can you confirm something, is your application using (maybe an API) for something? If you are experiencing issues accessing it, you should be able to see them in the log. It’s not necessarily related to your Droplet but the connection between your Application and

Can you confirm, how are you able to pinpoint the issues with communication you’ve mentioned, is it from your command line or are you executing some script?


Hi @KDSys the application is using on port 443 to validate a key string (license identifier). The license validation process is proprietary so I couldn’t find a log file for it.

But what I see is our app stops working with an error message saying it is unable to contact this address and port.Once this happens, I try to ping that address from the droplet and it times out. At the same time I can ping it just fine from my laptop. Then after a few minutes the droplet also is able to reach the address. So it seems like something is causing the droplet to intermittently not being able to reach that address.

  • Hi @pbhamburkar,

    This is indeed weird. What I’ll recommend is allowing the IP on your Firewall if you haven’t already.

    Additionally, I didn’t quite get it however when you see this error does you experience any other issues on your Droplet? I understand your app stops working but it seems to be a problem with not being able to connect to

    One other thing is, it’s possible your Droplet IP is being blocked from time to time from due to the number of connections you have made from it. Reaching out to it’s support would be a good idea as well.

    • @KDSys Thank you, yes I have also tried disabling the firewall completely but no luck. No other issues with Droplet when this happens, the CPU, RAM, Storage all show normal activity and all services show running.

      Good point, I will check with the people at Supportpal if they are blocking it at all but since it is a licensing service that is running a license check as hardcoded by the app developer I think the chances are low.

      DigitalOcean support also suggested that I try a few other DNS providers on the Droplet just to rule that out.