CentOS 8

CentOS, which stands for Community Enterprise Operating System, is a free, open-source linux distribution that is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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  • Tutorial

    Initial Server Setup with CentOS 8

    When you first create a new CentOS 8 server, there are a few configuration steps that you should take early on as part of the basic setup. This will increase the security and usability of your server and will give you...
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS Linux Basics Getting Started Initial Server Setup CentOS 8
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    How To Install MySQL on CentOS 8

    MySQL is an open-source database management system, commonly installed as part of the popular LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP/Python/Perl) stack. It implements the relational model and Structured Query Language...
    By Mark Drake MySQL CentOS 8 Databases
  • Tutorial

    How To Install the Apache Web Server on CentOS 8

    The Apache HTTP server is the most widely-used web server in the world. It provides many powerful features including dynamically loadable modules, robust media support, and extensive integration with other popular sof...
    By Haley Mills, Erin Glass CentOS CentOS 8 Apache
  • Tutorial

    How To Set Up a Firewall Using firewalld on CentOS 8

    In this guide, we will show you how to set up a firewalld firewall for your CentOS 8 server, and cover the basics of managing the firewall with the firewall-cmd administrative tool.
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS CentOS 8 Firewall Security
  • Tutorial

    How to Install Nginx on CentOS 8

    Nginx is one of the most popular web servers in the world and is responsible for hosting some of the largest and highest-traffic sites on the internet. It is more resource-friendly than Apache in most cases and can be...
    By Erika Heidi Nginx CentOS 8 CentOS
  • Tutorial

    How To Set Up and Configure a Certificate Authority (CA) On CentOS 8

    Building a Certificate Authority (CA) will enable to you configure, test, and run programs that require encrypted connections between a client and server. With a private CA, you can issue certificates for users, serve...
    By Jamon Camisso CentOS 8
  • Tutorial

    How To Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on CentOS 8

    Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that facilitates obtaining and installing free TLS/SSL certificates, thereby enabling encrypted HTTPS on web…
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS CentOS 8 Apache Security Let's Encrypt Open Source
  • Tutorial

    How To Use Cron to Automate Tasks on CentOS 8

    Cron is a time-based job scheduling daemon found in Unix-like operating systems, including Linux distributions. This guide provides an overview of how to schedule tasks using cron's special syntax on a machine running...
    By Mark Drake System Tools Automated Setups CentOS CentOS 8
  • How To Install Node.js on CentOS 8

    In this guide, we will show you three different ways of getting Node.js installed on a CentOS 8 server: using dnf to install the nodejs package from CentOS's default AppStream repository; installing nvm, the Node Vers...
    By Brian Boucheron Node.js JavaScript CentOS CentOS 8
  • Tutorial series

    How to Install Node.js and Create a Local Development Environment

    Node.js (https://nodejs.org/) is a JavaScript platform for general-purpose programming that allows users to build network applications quickly. By leveraging JavaScript on both the front and backend, Node.js makes dev...
    By Brian Hogan, Brennen Bearnes, Kathleen Juell, Brian Boucheron and Justin Ellingwood Node.js Development Ubuntu 18.04 DigitalOcean App Platform Debian Debian 10 Ubuntu 16.04 Debian 9 JavaScript CentOS Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04 CentOS 8
  • Tutorial

    How To Set Up SSH Keys on CentOS 8

    SSH, or secure shell, is an encrypted protocol used to administer and communicate with servers. When working with a CentOS server, chances are you will spend most of your time in a terminal session connected to your s...
    By Brian Boucheron, Hanif Jetha CentOS Linux Basics Getting Started Security System Tools CentOS 8
  • Tutorial

    How To Install and Use PostgreSQL on CentOS 8

    PostgreSQL, or Postgres, is a relational database management system that provides an implementation of the SQL querying language. It is a popular choice for many small and large projects and has the advantage of bein...
    By Vadym Kalsin, Mark Drake PostgreSQL Databases CentOS 8
  • Tutorial

    How To Set Up and Configure an OpenVPN Server on CentOS 8

    OpenVPN is an open-source Virtual Private Network (VPN) application that lets you create and join a private network securely over the public Internet. In this tutorial you will learn how to install and configure OpenV...
    By Jamon Camisso CentOS CentOS 8 VPN Firewall Security
  • Tutorial

    How To Install Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) Stack on CentOS 8

    The LEMP software stack is a group of software that can be used to serve dynamic web pages and web applications written in PHP. The name "LEMP" is an acronym that describes a Linux operating system, with an (E)Nginx w...
    By Erika Heidi LEMP PHP CentOS 8 CentOS Nginx
  • Tutorial

    How To Create a New Sudo-enabled User on CentOS 8 [Quickstart]

    This guide will show you how to create a new user with sudo access on CentOS 8, without having to modify your server's /etc/sudoers file.
    By Brian Boucheron Linux Basics CentOS CentOS 8 Quickstart
  • Tutorial

    How To Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on CentOS 8

    In this tutorial, you will use Let's Encrypt to obtain a free SSL certificate and use it with Nginx on CentOS 8. You will do this by using the Certbot Let's Encrypt client. You will also set up automatic renewal of yo...
    By Vadym Kalsin Nginx Let's Encrypt CentOS 8
  • Tutorial

    How To Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for Apache on CentOS 8

    In this guide, we will show you how to create and configure a self-signed TLS/SSL certificate with the Apache web server on a CentOS 8 machine.
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS CentOS 8 Apache Security
  • Tutorial

    How To Install MariaDB on CentOS 8

    In this tutorial, we will explain how to install the latest version of MariaDB on a CentOS 8 server.
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS CentOS 8 MySQL MariaDB Databases
  • Tutorial

    How To Install MongoDB on CentOS 8

    MongoDB is an open-source document database used commonly in modern web applications. It is classified as a NoSQL database because it does not rely on a traditional table-based relational database structure. Instead,...
    By Mark Drake CentOS 8 CentOS MongoDB Databases NoSQL
  • Tutorial

    How To Run Multiple PHP Versions on One Server Using Apache and PHP-FPM on CentOS 8

    The Apache web server uses virtual hosts to manage multiple domains on a single instance. Similarly, PHP-FPM uses a daemon to manage multiple PHP versions on a single instance. Together, you can use Apache and PHP-FPM...
    By hitjethva CentOS CentOS 8 LAMP Stack Open Source PHP PHP Frameworks