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June 26, 2017 2.8k views
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I used the one-click drupal droplet and then updated via drush to the latest drupal version. I noticed when I put the site into maintenance mode the standard drupal maintenance page and text is not displayed. Instead Im getting an Nginx error page. I would prefer to show the standard drupal maintenance page like intended. Anyone know how I can use drupals built in maintenance page without disturbing Nginx 503 page?

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Hi @tjhowe3

I did a little searching and it seems like Drupal sends a 503 error code, when the site is in maintenance, which leads to the default Nginx error shown.

Yea, Im aware of that. Is there a way to display the maintenance page instead of the Nginx 503 page? Thanks for the response.

  • @tjhowe3
    Did you follow the link and read the thread?
    Try adding this to your server block. I have no idea if it'll work, but there are several other examples in the link:

    error_page 503 = @503;
    location @503 {
         if ($upstream_http_etag) {
             return 200;
    • Thanks. I had seen it previously and was kinda confused by it. Mainly the post about the whole Drupal hook crap. I'll try one of the examples and see what happens... I just figured there might be cleaner solution. My first time using Nginx and kind of sad to see that feature of Drupal not working out of the box. I guess I'm just use to apache.

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